Technology Helps Prove Injury Cases

Many accidents can happen during a complex set of circumstances. As such it may become necessary to illustrate in detail the events as they unfold to a jury. Our team of trained experts will review the evidence and create a detailed accident reenactment. Presented alongside of any available evidence including damage to vehicles and witness testimony, a powerful case is made by our experienced attorneys behalf of the client.

We use state-of-the-art computer graphics to create 3-D accident reenactments, PowerPoint® presentations, medical illustrations and document/exhibit enhancements to educate the insurance companies and/or juries as to the value of our clients' claims.

Our lawyers are aided by a dedicated support staff of exceptionally experienced, highly-qualified individuals who perform secretarial, administrative, and paralegal duties.

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What Will You Need To Know After An Auto Accident?

Answers to common questions people have after being injured in a car crash.…

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