Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Florida Clergy Abuse Lawyers Justice Pays

Florida Clergy Abuse Lawyers Justice Pays

Sexual abuse, even in sacred places like religious institutions, is a severe violation affecting its victims profoundly. If you or a loved one have suffered from such abuse by a clergy member, you may be eligible for legal recourse and potential financial compensation.

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Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Many Americans are deeply religious, finding solace and comfort in the church. But what happens when that sanctuary is a place of danger? Clergy abuse has been highlighted in the media multiple times over the last decade, and despite being brought to the light it is still far too common.

Those who are abused by the clergy can easily feel as though they have no voice, and the abuse can go on for some time. Making things worse, the church itself often covers up scandal, trying to move clergy members rather than expose their misdeeds. Often, a lawsuit is one of the only ways to truly get the justice that you deserve.

Trust Violated

Any abuse is terrible, and when it happens in a place that is supposed to be a safe refuge it’s even worse. Our clergy is supposed to be our confidants, people that we can trust with our lives. But children are far too often preyed upon by some who are in power, and they feel as though they are powerless to do anything about it.

The church often covers things up, and have deep resources to use to avoid admitting wrongdoing, stop it from occurring, or allowing it to come to light. Because of this, seeking help from a lawyer is often the only option you have.

Why File A Lawsuit?

The main reason to file a lawsuit is simple – to get justice. Far too often people associate lawsuits with a cash grab, but in cases of clergy abuse nothing could be further from the truth. Filing a case lets your voice be heard, brings abuse to light, and makes sure that those responsible pay for their actions.

A lawsuit can be filed even after criminal charges have been filed and even after a criminal trial has concluded – these civil suits are completely separate from the criminal charges in most situations. But, regardless of the outcome of criminal charges, your lawsuit lets your voice be heard and ensures that you are compensated for what you experienced at the hands of the clergy – and that you get the justice you deserve.

The money you receive won’t erase the pain or take away what happened. But it can give you a better financial footing to try to pick up the pieces of your life and move on after abuse occurs – and sometimes that can be incredibly important.

What Will Happen?

In a case of this nature, we begin by investigating and gathering as much information as we can. If a criminal trial is ongoing or has occurred, we use that information to build your case as well. If the trial has yet to happen, we still build your case using witness statements, medical evidence, and more.

Once we’ve built your case, the next step is often negotiating for a settlement. Many personal injury cases never make it to a courtroom – they’re settled using negotiation to ensure that the right settlement amount is reached. We make sure that you get compensation for your pain and suffering.

If a settlement can’t be reached, our team will go to trial for you. We aren’t afraid of standing up to the powerful – including the church – and we have a proven track record and a reputation for getting our clients what they are owed.

Fighting The Powerful

The church has deep pockets and powerful allies. They have a history of doing everything that they can to avoid paying out a dime in settlements, and try to bully around those that have suffered abuse at the hands of the clergy.

This is a huge part of why so many cases go unreported – they make the victims feel powerless, and with so much power on their side it is easy for them to do just that. That’s why the victimized need a powerful ally of their own.

We are that ally. With decades of experience fighting for the rights of our clients, we are here and ready to make sure that you have a voice. If you or a loved one was abused by the clergy and you don’t know where to turn, contact us today. We’ll make sure that you get the justice you deserve.

How many US Catholic priests have been accused of abuse? How many US Catholic priests have been accused of abuse?

According to a report released by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops over the period of 1950 to 2019, 6,126 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse in the United States.  This figure represents about 5.9% of the total of 109,694 priests who were in service during that time period.

These accusations have led to significant consequences for the accused priests.  In addition to legal action and financial settlements within the U.S. Catholic Church, with multiple dioceses filing for bankruptcy to deal with the costs of litigation and related expenses.  Allegations have been directed at priests from all over the United States from various religious orders and in nearly all jurisdictions.

The reporting of these accusations and efforts to address them legally continues to be a critical issue within the U.S. Catholic Church.  If you or a loved one has been abused by a priest, it is important to seek legal support from an experienced team of Florida clergy abuse lawyers at Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh.  Our lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve and the closure you need. 

How many priests have been convicted? How many priests have been convicted?

The John Jay Report conducted an in-depth study of 4,392 priests and deacons accused of sexual misconduct or abusing minors from 1950 to 2002. Out of this number, allegations against 1,021 of these clergy members were brought to law enforcement’s attention. Of these cases reported to the police, approximately 25%—which equates to 252 clergy members—were eventually convicted of their alleged crimes.

What are the effects of clergy abuse? What are the effects of clergy abuse?

As Florida clergy abuse lawyers at the firm of Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of clergy abuse on victims and their families.

Clergy abuse, particularly when committed by trusted religious figures, can inflict profound psychological, emotional, and physical harm on the victims. It can undermine a victim’s sense of self, faith, and trust in authority figures, leading to long-term challenges.

Psychological and Emotional Trauma: The trauma associated with clergy abuse can lead to lifelong psychological struggles. Many victims develop mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicidal ideation. They often struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, and betrayal that can profoundly affect their self-esteem and personal relationships.

Physical Harm: Some victims of clergy abuse may sustain physical injuries as a result of the abuse. These can range from bruises and cuts to more severe physical trauma, potentially resulting in chronic health issues.

Spiritual Crisis: Given that the abuse occurs in a religious context, victims often experience a crisis of faith. They may feel betrayed by their religious community and may struggle with spiritual and theological questions, causing them to distance themselves from their faith.


Social Consequences: Victims may feel isolated or stigmatized due to the abuse, leading to difficulties in forming and maintaining social relationships. Some may face disbelief or victim-blaming when they disclose the abuse, further contributing to their isolation.

Financial Impact: The consequences of clergy abuse also have a financial dimension. Victims often require long-term therapy and counseling to cope with the trauma, leading to significant costs. In cases where the abuse leads to mental health problems that interfere with employment, victims can experience lost income and job instability.

Overall, the effects of clergy abuse are widespread and enduring, often persisting long after the abuse itself has ceased. At Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, we are committed to advocating for victims of clergy abuse and seeking justice on their behalf.


Are clergy abuse settlements taxable? Are clergy abuse settlements taxable?

As Florida clergy Abuse lawyers, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh, we understand that survivors of clergy abuse may have questions concerning the tax consequences of clergy abuse settlements.  

Generally, settlements for personal physical injuries or physical sickness are not considered taxable income under U.S. federal tax law. This means that if you receive a settlement for physical injuries or sickness resulting from clergy abuse, you typically do not have to include this settlement money as income on your tax return.