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Lifetime Care Plan Experts For Personal Injury Cases. When To Use Them And What To Look For

Lifetime care plan experts are essential in presenting any personal injury case for both the outcome and the amount of compensation that the client receives.

What professional background is ideal for a lifetime care expert?

There are many possibilities of viable candidates but Our law firm prefers to work with a Physiatrist.

A physiatrist is an medical doctor that specialized in Orthopedic Medicine and Neurology. Essentially a Physiatrist is a medical expert in the Physical Science Of Medicine.

In addition to the many medical education qualifications required, your expert will need to have had additional training on how to put together a lifetime care plan.

The primary purpose of the lifetime plan is to determine the needs and costs that your client will be facing after their injury.

How Do You Pick The Right Lifetime Care Plan Expert For Your Case?

Medical Education

Review your candidates credentials including, education, training and board certifications will qualify your candidate but there is more to it than just the right background.

Experience and accomplishments are very important.
During your case you must be able to put together an accurate amount that your client will require for day to day living after being injured. Your expert will be much more convincing for the court if they have relevant experience and accomplishments as well as the right education.

Additionally candidates with military backgrounds or other specialized backgrounds that will give your candidate a high level of experience not only in creating lifetime care plans for the injured, but also in excellent communication skills when dealing with laymen.

Communication Skills

Expert must be able to communicate complicated information in simple terms a jury will understand

Communication skills cannot be overstated. It is essential that your chosen lifetime care expert can communicate to both the attorney and the jury in an effective manor. When your expert is addressing the court they will need to make the jury understand the cost of the future medical needs you client will be facing. To arrive at that number the expert will have to make complex calculations and charts provided by the government.

The expert must be able to reduce a vast amount of data into a form that will be both easy to understand for the jury and powerful in it’s evidence.

Diagnostics Skills

Your expert MUST review ALL medical records related to the case in great detail. Your expert must review ALL diagnostic films and tests and scans related to the case. This will include all x-rays, MRIs, PET scans or any other type of medical imaging.

Again we get back to communication. Your expert must be able to communicate complicated diagnostic studies in simple terms a jury will comprehend

video: Attorney Bernard Walsh On Hiring a Lifetime Care Expert For PI Cases

In Summary

– Acquire your lifetime care expert early in your case
– Obtain a true expert with the right back ground and experience
– Give access to all of the medical data from your clients injuries
– They must be updated with the most recent medical care
– They must be a skilled communicator

Your lifetime care expert is one of the most important expert witnesses for any personal injury case.

With a qualified expert you client has the best possible chance of obtaining a fair amount compensation for their injuries. Without a qualified expert, even if you win the case the amount may not be enough to cover your client’s needs.

If the jury does not understand the extent of the injuries, and the need for future care for those injuries with projected costs, the jury will not be able to determine a fair amount of financial compensation.

Lifetime Care Plan Experts For Personal Injury Cases. When To Use Them And What To Look For

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