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2 People Died And 3 Children Injured In Crash On US 17 In Arcadia FL

DESOTO COUNTY FL – Florida Highway Patrol announced two people were killed after being in a traffic crash, very early Monday morning.

The crash took place as a 33-year-old woman from Cape Coral was driving a pickup truck in the left lane of US Highway 17, just north of the intersection with SW Skates Street near Arcadia. The man was driving with 3 passengers, all children including a 13-year old boy, a 10-year old girl, and a 5-year old girl.

As the Cape Coral man continued north, a second pickup truck was heading south toward the intersection with SW Skates Street, in the left lane with one occupant.

The two pick up trucks approached from opposite directions, and at 12:13:00 AM, the southbound pickup truck crossed over the line and both vehicles collided head-on.

The force of the crash redirected the pick up truck with the 3 children, and the vehicle came to a stop in the right lane of northbound US 17.

The pickup truck with the single occupant came to a stop facing northeast, halfway in the median and right lane of northbound US 17.

Cape Coral woman died as a result of the crash, the 5-year old girl was seriously injured, and both the 13-year old boy, and 10-year old girl had minor injuries.

All three children were taken to Tampa General Hospital for medical treatment.

The driver of the other pick up truck died in the crash.

FHP has stated the accident remains under investigation.

Correction: this article originally misstated that the driver who died in the accident was a man. A reader has generously corrected us and we have updated the article. We thank the reader, and our sympathies go out to all who were affected by this tragic accident.

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2 People Died And 3 Children Injured In Crash On US 17 In Arcadia FL

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