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2014 Breaks Records For Auto Recalls

Owning a car is more affordable than ever before, and automakers have recently begun taking even more steps towards making sure that anyone who wants to own a vehicle is able to do so. But with car ownership comes a number of responsibilities and challenges, and chief among them is dealing with the possibility of an auto recall. 2014 set a record for the highest number of recalls in history, and with that in mind we feel it’s well worth taking a closer look at this issue.

2014 saw a total of 60.5 million recalls throughout the year. That’s double the old record of 30.8 million, set ten years ago in 2014. It can seem strange to think that the record was shattered with such a huge increase so long after being set, but there are reasons for this.

The main reason for so many recalls is really the simple fact that car manufacturers recognize the legal and financial repercussions of failing to issue a recall for a defect. With millions of dollars in fines potentially levied against them, automakers don’t waste time when it comes to recalling flawed vehicles. This is largely due to the horrible response involved in the GM ignition switch defect, which led to increased pressure from the government and consumer advocate groups on automakers.

In short, auto manufacturers don’t want to risk looking like they’ve stalled or avoided issuing a recall, and as a result they will frequently issue those recalls the second that a flaw is identified.

The other factor involved in the higher number of recalls is that sales are increasing – vehicle sales increased 5.4 percent through just the month of November, and sales are expected to reach levels not seen since 2006.

Recalls affect a wide range of different components in automobiles. The major recalls of 2014 included:

• The defective GM ignition switch issue, which led to 42 deaths and 58 injuries.
• Takata airbags led to 4 fatalities and triggered 5.4 million vehicle recalls
• Steering and cruise control issues

GM had the most recalls, with 27 million vehicles recalled due to their defective ignition switches alone. But no auto manufacturer was free from issues, and every vehicle company issued recalls throughout the year.

But what do these recalls mean to you? If you are made aware of an automobile recall, you need to immediately follow the recall instructions in order to bring your vehicle back to the level of safety that it needs to be at.

If you are injured in an accident that is caused by a faulty auto part and no recall was made apparent to you, however, you could have the grounds to seek financial compensation. This situation could lead to significant restitution for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. It’s important to understand that ignoring an auto recall will mean that if you are injured, you won’t be able to seek compensation.

The best option for you is to find assistance from a professional personal injury attorney. They can help tell you what kind of legal grounds you have and explain to you what options are available for seeking financial compensation for your injuries. The simple fact is that no two situations are identical, and speaking to a professional lawyer is the best way to find out more about your options.

Recalls are on the rise, and experts estimate that 2015 will have the potential for even more of them. Paying attention to the possibility of a recall is important, but if you find that you’re involved in an accident caused by a faulty part, you’ll want to contact an attorney immediately.

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2014 Breaks Records For Auto Recalls

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