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3 Most Common New Car Defects You Need To Know About

When buying a new car in the state of Florida, there’s obviously a lot that goes into one’s decision. Having to factor in a lot of things, like fuel consumption, car size, leg room, auxiliary features like an ample entertainment system to keep kids occupied in the back, stuff like power steering and either automatic or manual transmission, whichever you feel more comfortable with, it’s tough picking the right car for you and your family. And so, it’s natural to feel frustrated if you find out shortly down the line that your car actually has defects that would have otherwise stopped you from making that purchase in the first place.

Defects in a new car might not surface until a little later on, which puts you at a heightened risk of suffering on the road, likely in an accident. Car crashes aren’t uncommon in the U.S., and statistics show that about 2.35 million people and children suffer injuries as a result of crashes every year, so it’d be in your best interests to avoid this as they are dangerous and costly. Here are a few car defects that could be found in new cars and that you need to be aware of.

Malfunctioning Gear Shifter

Gear shifter issues can tend to plague even new vehicles. A couple years ago, Ram Trucks did a recall on roughly 1.5 million of their trucks as a result of a nagging shifter issue that caused their vehicles to sometimes unintentionally move. This can cause a slew of issues, particularly in situations where you are leaving your car parked. Not knowing when your car may potentially move forward or backward can cause unintended injuries to you or people around you, and may cause property damage if the car is to somehow disengage from being parked.

Gas Mileage Discrepancies

While gas mileage is affected by various factors, such as heightened “aggression” in your driving style, which entails hard acceleration and braking, and weather conditions (cold weather conditions, in particular, can lower your car’s gas mileage by a bit), a rather large deviation between the advertised gas mileage and your actual performance may also be attributed to potential defects with your car’s fuel system at purchase.

Faulty Brakes

Related to the gear shifter issue we mentioned above is the potential issue with a car’s brakes. A car may come with an impaired braking system that may prevent you from stopping on a dime in tight traffic, which can then cause a domino effect of problems, starting with you being unable to avoid shunting a car in front of you, then leading to an argument between you and the other car owner which can lead to a dispute that eventually will result in you having a losing case on your hands. There have also been more recent cases of cars being equipped with electronically-aided braking systems that fail to engage properly due to defects, so be wary of this as well.

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3 Most Common New Car Defects You Need To Know About

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