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3 Things You Need To Do If You’re At Fault In A Car Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone. Even when we do our best to try and avoid them, we may occasionally still encounter situations where we cannot stop a car accident from happening. Human error or a lapse of judgment on our part can play a part in this.

It can be difficult to pin fault on any involved party for an accident. Occasionally, however, we might be undeniably at fault. Here are three things you need to do should you be responsible for causing a car accident.

Keep Calm And Do Not Engage

While it may be difficult to keep your composure in a situation you think will not end in your favor, do your best to handle everything as calmly as you can. Right after the accident, do not engage with any of the other drivers involved until the authorities arrive. Do not yell at, argue with, or get into a physical altercation with anyone.

Stepping out of your car without the authorities present will put you at risk of even greater danger. If any of the involved drivers or pedestrians try to attack you or verbally abuse you, stay inside your vehicle and do not interact with them. If you are being threatened by someone, take a video of the person with your phone from inside your car.

Do Not Admit Fault

Once the responding officers arrive, cooperate with them and tell them about your side of the incident. We do not recommend that you admit to fault in any way without talking to an auto accident lawyer beforehand. This is not because you are expected to lie your way out of the investigation but because you cannot be sure if the accident was completely your fault in the first place.

No law requires you to admit to anything, and no witness, officer, or any other party has the right to pressure you into doing so. If anyone involved tries to offer you a “one-time only deal” in exchange for admitting fault in the accident, do not accept it. This protects you from being accused of perjury in case you choose to go back on your admission or any other recorded statement regarding the incident.

We know that it may be difficult to not apologize when you feel like you’re at fault in a car accident. However, you should hold off on any form of admission until your lawyer advises you on what to do next.

Hire A Reliable Lawyer Immediately

After you’ve been checked in the emergency room, seek legal help from a trusted auto accident attorney right away. An attorney can help you file a police report, speak to your insurance company, protect all evidence on the case, and help you get the compensation you deserve if you are owed any. Whether or not the accident is your fault, hiring an auto accident attorney is necessary to make sure your rights are not violated and that the case is handled as fairly as possible.

When seeking legal representation for situations like a car accident, it’s important to find a law firm to partner with that has only your best interests in mind. Justice Pays is a personal law injury firm committed to helping clients get the legal assistance they need. Get in touch with our team today for more information on the scope of our services.

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3 Things You Need To Do If You’re At Fault In A Car Accident

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