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4 Most Common Swimming Pool Accidents In Florida

Florida’s Suncoast benefits from mild year-round weather that makes it possible for many homeowners to live the dream and have a swimming pool that can be used throughout the year. Swimming pools are one of the most valued and sought-after features in many residential properties, so it’s no wonder that many Floridians enjoy them in their own backyard.

However, as with any mechanism, a swimming pool can be perfectly safe only as long as it is used as intended. When that doesn’t occur, accidents can and do happen. These are the four most common swimming pool accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is when an impact is severe enough to cause the brain to shake within the skull and even collide against it. In the most severe TBI cases, the skull is actually broken, and some foreign object makes physical contact with the exposed brain.

TBI is usually the result of an impact, most commonly falling. This can occur in a swimming pool in any number of ways and usually quite quickly. Someone showing off could misjudge a dive and hit the bottom of the pool. Someone not paying attention to wet tile could slip on it and fall, hitting the front or back of their head. Sometimes this is an accident during horseplay, such as children pushing each other. Because swimming pools are considered an area of play, running and horseplay are common activities. Unfortunately, all it takes is a careless slip or a misjudged dive to result in severe TBI cases.


Electricity plus water is a dangerous combination, but many people choose to take the risk since electronic devices provide so much entertainment and convenience. Some devices have now been made water-resistant and can safely make contact with water with no chance of electrical shocks, such as some phones and eReaders.

Unfortunately, other devices, such as a portable stereo plugged into an outlet, can carry live house current into a swimming pool if it gets pushed or dropped into the water. This can cause shock, or even electrical burns, depending on the nature of the accident.


This seems surprising, but tragically, it is children that are often the victims of this. Disembowelment or evisceration can occur when children get too close to a pool drain or skimmer box. These devices are installed in pools to take in water and filter out contaminants, solids, like small leaves, or fluids, such as sunscreen or even urine.

However, these filtration devices have strong suction. If a child sits on or gets too close to such a device, it can create enough suction to draw out the intestine through the rectum. Needless to say, this can be life-threatening for children, but it’s an all too common—if little discussed—accident.


Finally, one of the most serious and common accidents that occur in pools is drowning. Tragically, this happens more often to children than adults, though adults aren’t immune. One of the most common reasons drowning occurs is negligence. Children who can’t swim are left on their own at a swimming pool, and with no one to supervise them, they can fall or move to the deep end and be unable to return to shallow waters.

In some cases, drowning can result from a double injury, as electrical shocks can often interfere with normal movement. A shock victim who is usually a strong swimmer may drown due to the neural impairment that can sometimes come with an electrical shock.

If you’re in the Sarasota/Bradenton area in Florida and you or someone close to you gets injured due to negligence at someone else’s swimming pool, talk to an experienced swimming pool accident attorney to find out what you should be doing next.

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4 Most Common Swimming Pool Accidents In Florida

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