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4 Things You Need To Know When Biking In SW Florida

One of the best ways to enjoy Southwest Florida’s sceneries is by riding a bicycle. In fact, many have grown to love the biking experience as they are exposed to sunshine, fresh air, and nature in general. However, being part of the roads and sidewalks means that certain rules and vulnerabilities also apply to bicycles.

There are 4 helpful things you should know when biking around Florida so you can roam around the streets without worries.

Bike Riders Are Considered Pedestrians – It can be easily conflicted that bicycles are seen in the same regard as cars and motorcycles. The truth, however, is that cyclists are also viewed as pedestrians who are walking on foot. This means that the same rules and protections apply to them. For instance, they cannot freely cross the road without using the proper crosswalks.

On that note, while bikers are also considered pedestrians they should still yield to fellow pedestrians who are walking on foot. They have should always be mindful of other people who are walking on the street by ringing a bell or signaling when they are about to pass an overtake them. On-foot pedestrians also have the right of way.

Bicycles Must Also Follow Road Traffic Rules In many places, bicycles have the freedom to use the sidewalk or the road. While bicycles are pedestrians, they are still obligated to follow the traffic rules that cars, motorcycles, and trucks abide by.

Being a pedestrian does not exempt them from stopping when the traffic light is red or when there is a “STOP” sign ahead. They must also slow down and let other pedestrians cross the road. Ignoring these rules will be considered a violation of traffic laws even if they are biking on a designated bike lane on the highway.

Bicycles Are Prone To Road Accidents Whether on the sidewalk or the street, bicycle riders are prone to getting into an accident. Firstly, a bike rider’s exposure to the elements can affect their maneuvers, and given the size of bicycles, it is easy to fall off balance.

On roads and highways, bicycles can have poor visibility and can easily be lost in another bigger vehicle’s blindspot. Cars also tend to overtake bicycles because they are slower in movement. When a collision happens, cyclists suffer graver injuries because they receive the brunt of the impact directly.

Bike Riders Can Be Held Liable For An Accident Pedestrians and motorists alike have their own responsibilities when using the streets and roads. Bike riders may be prone to accidents, but it does not mean that they will never be held liable for recklessness. As mentioned before, violating traffic rules and failure to yield the right of way can get you in trouble. If the accident happened because of a cyclist’s reckless behavior, then they can be held liable.

Do not let the idea of getting into an accident stop you from enjoying biking around Florida’s cities. There are many reasons behind bicycle accidents but pedestrian and traffic rules exist for a reason. If you ever find yourself in a bike accident, contact an auto accident or personal injury lawyer who can explain and defend your rights.

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4 Things You Need To Know When Biking In SW Florida

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