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4 Things You Should Do After A Motorcycle Accident

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You can always make preparations and implement safety precautions to help avoid getting into road accidents. However, this does not make you completely safe from harm, especially if you are riding a motorcycle. The number of motorcycle-related accidents in Florida remains consistently high. In fact, Florida is among the top states to have the most number of motorcycle accidents in America.

Exercising prudence should not only be on avoiding accidents, but it should also extend to what you should do if and when it happens. Knowing the next best course of action to take after a motorcycle accident can help you and your loved ones greatly. In case it happens, here are the things you should know and do:

• Call For Medical Help – It is easy to acquire wounds and injuries in a motorcycle accident. The health and safety of those involved in the accident should be your priority, including your own. After a quick and thorough assessment of the injuries the involved parties have sustained, you should dial in the emergency health number and wait for responders to arrive.

If there are any serious injuries, instead of setting matters in your own hands, wait for health professionals to arrive lest you aggravate the injuries and wounds further.

• Move To The Side Of The Road – If you are able to move after the crash, try your best to move your vehicle to the side of the road or to any safe location. Being in the middle of the highway increases your chance of getting hit by speeding cars and this results in worse injuries and property damages.

• Gather Evidence – The evidence that will gather after the accident can range from details of the people involved, statements, video recordings, CCTV footage, to photos of injuries and vehicle damages. These pieces of evidence will help you later on when you file for any insurance claims or a lawsuit. Gathering the necessary and important evidence is a form of protecting yourself and asserting your rights, especially when conflicts between two or more parties happen.

• Seek Professional Assistance – After the dust has settled, the next thing you will have to face is damages claims, which can be tricky. As a no-fault state, drivers in Florida are automatically subjected to their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance plans. However, motorcycle drivers are not covered by PIP and so other insurance claims or damages may apply.

Even without PIP, people who are involved in the motorcycle accident can still receive assistance with their medical bills and, depending on the gravity of the consequences such as permanent injuries and fatality, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can be filed. In these cases, reaching out to an auto accident lawyer is a wise move.

Motorcycle accidents are not to be taken lightly. It has higher risks for the people involved as motorcycles are more vulnerable against other vehicles on the road. They can also be affected easily by outside influences such as abysmal weather conditions and slipper roads.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are involved in a motorcycle accident. If you have been involved in an accident in the Sarasota / Bradenton area on Florida’s west coast, contact the personal injury attorneys who have won more than $500 million dollars for their clients, and get your free case review today.

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4 Things You Should Do After A Motorcycle Accident

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