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5 Commonly Violated Traffic Laws That Cause Accidents In SW Florida

Almost every day, there is news about a road accident. This is especially common in busy and lively places like Bradenton and Sarasota, where people love to go for leisure. Excitement is understandable, but it can also be the reason behind many traffic violations, which in turn causes road accidents.

There can be various causes for auto accidents like bad weather and road hazards. Disobeying road rules is among those at the top of the list. Stay safe by being aware of the most common traffic violations and avoiding doing them.

• Speeding Sometimes, wide highways and light traffic are tempting for drivers to pick up speed. There are many times when motorists fail to notice that they are already going past the speed limit until it is too late. While others may receive a ticket for the violation, other vehicles would land themselves in worse situations like a crash or collision with other cars on the road.

• Distracted Driving Distractions will always be present. It is why drivers should really know how to focus on the road when driving. However, many still cannot stop themselves from doing and paying attention to other activities while they are on the wheel. One of the most common reasons behind distracted driving is texting.

Drivers take their eyes off the road and are less aware of traffic signs and other vehicles when they are distracted. Because of this, their reaction time is slow and they notice danger way too late until an accident happens.

Driving Under The Influence Most commonly known as drunk driving, DUI is one of the most common reasons behind very serious car accidents. DUI is not only limited to driving while intoxicated with beer and wine. Alcohol consumption is often at fault for a driver’s loss of control, but certain medications and drugs can also affect your state of mind. If the loss of control is caused by something the driver took, an accident can be classified as a DUI case.

• Rolling Stops You would be surprised at how many people do not take Stop signs seriously. Instead of hully hitting the brakes, vehicles would just drive very slowly before picking up speed again.

It might not be as dangerous when you do rolling stops in a vacant neighborhood, but places like Sarasota have lively streets where knowing when to yield the right of way on a Stop sign can help you prevent a disaster from happening.

• Wrong-Way Driving Sometimes, the other side of the road where traffic flows the opposite way is void of other cars, making it very tempting to switch lanes and overtake the rest of the vehicles in front of you. Driving the wrong way is a very risky move and many vehicles have suffered fatal accidents from their attempts to counterflow.

Oncoming vehicles can come unexpectedly. During the nighttime, lights can be very blinding. No matter the time of day, driving the wrong way presents very high risks you would do well to avoid.

You’ll never know what to expect when on the road, but knowing how to deal with situations can help a lot. Be sure to have a St Pete auto accident lawyer you can contact quickly.

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5 Commonly Violated Traffic Laws That Cause Accidents In SW Florida

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