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5 Most Common Construction Accidents In Florida

Construction work is a necessary part of modern society, particularly in fast-growing Sarasota county. Whether it’s laying out new roads to manage traffic better or put up a new home for a family to spend years enjoying life together.

However, the necessity of construction is also paired with risk. Aside from perhaps the lumberjack trade, people in construction are injured more than most other professions in America. Some accidents are unavoidable and could never have been prevented. Others, unfortunately, are the result of carelessness or negligence. These are the five most common construction accidents that occur throughout Florida.


This is the most common injury, and for a good reason. A completed building has walls, stairways, elevators, handrails, and many other barriers and safety mechanisms in place to limit falling. Of course, a building under construction has none of these features because it is up to construction workers to put them in place. This means that construction workers must put themselves at risk to eliminate that same risk for others that will eventually use the building.

Of course, plenty of safety measures are put in place, especially for those working at the topmost level of highrise or skyscraper construction. However, all safety gear and other protective measures can do is reduce the risk of an accident. A fall, especially from a great height, is still going to cause severe amounts of damage.


Unfortunately, it’s not just people falling that are at risk. People on the ground are often in more significant amounts of danger as a result of falling objects. A dropped hammer, for example, can cause severe injury to a construction worker—or even a passing pedestrian—if it slips out of someone’s grip. It’s very easy for a tool placed nearby, such as being kicked by someone who is just passing through. Demotion, such as tearing down walls, can also result in debris falling to the ground below.

This is one reason why safety helmets are mandatory at construction sites and barriers to protect people on the ground. The higher something is, the more time it has to accelerate to a higher speed, causing more harm by the time it impacts someone.


This is another potential area of injury where construction workers expose themselves to risk to prevent others from doing so. Electrical power and wiring must be installed in a building. That means the usual safeguards to protect against electrical shock are not yet in place. It is up to the construction workers to eventually install them, but for now, they work without the benefit of that protection.

Electrical shocks can happen not just from the electrical energy meant to go into a building but from the various electrical devices used during the construction of a building. Exposed live wiring, electrical equipment not properly grounded, and even having to work near live power lines are all reasons that electrical-related injuries are a significant risk in construction.


Once again, structural integrity does not yet exist in a building under construction; the construction workers themselves will eventually bring this to the table. That means that walls, trenches, or anything else that will eventually get proper architectural support is initially constructed without it. While temporary reinforcement is used, or calculations made about how much weight something can bear, that doesn’t mean these protective techniques work 100% of the time.

Trenches or underground shafts, for example, can collapse. Walls can fall if they’re not adequately buttressed, and an error in the planning stage can cause a wall constructed to specifications to fall apart.

Vehicular Accidents

Finally, construction requires a lot of large, specialized vehicles. Cranes, dump trucks, bulldozers, and many other vehicles all have a role to play at various stages of construction. These are large, powerful vehicles, and anyone that gets in their way while they are moving or operating runs the risk of severe injury.

These vehicles move to different parts of a construction site as needed. They must coordinate their activity with a wealth of other people and vehicles, all working simultaneously and moving to various destinations. With that much activity occurring simultaneously, it’s not a surprise that sometimes accidents happen. If it’s a collision between vehicles, that’s one thing. However, if someone gets caught in the path of these vehicles due to inattention, or is hurt because of moving too close to a vehicle while it is digging, dumping, or some other activity, that can also be serious.

Protect Yourself

If you’re in the Sarasota/Bradenton area in Florida and work in construction, the risk is always there. This is true even if you’re not in the building but happen to in the vicinity of construction work. If you are hurt because the proper safeguards haven’t been observed, talk to an experienced construction accident attorney as quickly as possible.

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5 Most Common Construction Accidents In Florida

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