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5 Ways To Approach Social Media After A Southwest Florida Car Accident

Just under 80% of Americans are active on social media, using at least 1 platform. Of these, more than 70% are active on social media every single day. For many throughout Southwest Florida and around the country, daily social media use has simply become a way of life. Posting photos from a lunch with friends, checking in at work, sharing family moments and funny musings you might have throughout the day. The average person doesn’t think much about it until the time comes that it comes to bite them back.

Insurance providers have caught on to the regular use of social media by so many, and they use this to their advantage. Using social media after an auto accident in Southwest Florida might seem like no big deal until an insurance provider uses out-of-context posts or photos to discredit their accident injury claim. 5 ways to approach social media after a Southwest Florida auto accident are:

  • Don’t post anything you’re doing Even if you’re simply going out to dinner with family, it’s best to avoid posting anything you’re doing on social media after an accident has occurred. Even though another family member drove, you limped to your seat, and you came straight home, a simple check-in can be used to claim that your injuries aren’t as severe as you say. Until your accident case is settled, it’s best to leave any comings or goings out of your social media postings.
  • Go private After an accident has occurred you may choose to go private on all of your social media pages. This means locking down profiles so they can only be seen by friends, and not approving any new friends until the accident has been settled. While privacy settings on social media aren’t necessarily completely secure, they’re much more secure than allowing your profiles to stay open.
  • Watch your comments On platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you can see what others comment on their friends’ posts or public posts. For this reason, it’s best to avoid commenting on any posts that could be deemed public or posting at all if those comments relate to your activities or how you feel.
  • Don’t mention anything about the accident Even if you’re just updating a family member or a friend, it’s best to leave out any information about the accident on social media. Things that you say can be used to make it seem as if you’re admitting fault, that your recovery is going better than expected, or that you weren’t too injured at all.
  • Avoid social media if possible While it may not be possible for everyone to completely avoid social media at all times, it’s certainly a goal to try for after you’ve been in an accident in Southwest Florida. By avoiding social media entirely, you can rest assured that you haven’t said or posted anything potentially damaging to your case. Once your case has been settled, you can resume your regular posting.

Talk To A Professional Before Using Social Media

The best way to approach social media use after an accident is to first get advice from your Southwest Florida personal injury attorney. They will be able to guide you in smart social media use after an accident, letting you know what to avoid in order to keep your case strong. If you’re interested in learning more about social media use after an auto accident within the region, contact our professionals at today.

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5 Ways To Approach Social Media After A Southwest Florida Car Accident

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