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5 Ways To Avoid Industrial Workplace Accidents

Factories and other heavy-industry workplaces can be very dangerous places. Large machines running at high speeds can do all kinds of damage to a person caught in the gears, and if something heavy enough drops on your foot it can sever your toes even if you’re wearing steel-toe boots. Workers’ compensation can pay for injuries sustained while on the clock, but it’s still better to not need compensation in the first place. The individual dangers can depend on what kind of industry you work in, but there are a few things you can always do to avoid injuries.

Understand Every Safety Procedure

Your workplace should provide you with instructions on how to operate the machines you work with and where the most dangerous parts are. If they don’t, they could face liability charges for negligence even if they have a workers’ compensation policy. However, once your employer shares this essential information it’s up to you as a worker to remember and follow their instructions every single time. Even if it takes extra time and effort to do things the right way, it’s worth it to avoid injuries and damage to the machines.

Lift With Your Legs

Many industrial jobs involve regular amounts of moderate to heavy lifting. Employees who work these jobs will often lift and drop things by bending their backs since that feels more natural and obvious, but doing so puts stress on your back and can lead to serious long-term damage. On top of that, a long-term injury like a bad back is hard to prove as being a workplace injury. Bending at the legs is easier on your spine, it helps you brace against heavier weights, and it allows you to continue doing your job for longer.

Report OSHA Violations

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the federal agency in charge of making sure that companies follow basic safety restrictions and don’t let their employees work in dangerous environments. These regulations include things like safety rails on lifts and catwalks, certified respirators, handy books of information about hazardous chemicals in the workplace, and so on. If your workplace is unsafe and clearly violates OSHA regulations, you can call their anonymous tip line and keep your name out of the official documents when inspectors show up.

Use Your Tools

Industrial workplaces provide workers with a variety of tools that help them do their jobs. Jacks and lifts can pick up heavy equipment, forklifts transport cargo between the different work areas, earplugs protect your ears from loud noises, and power tools can apply much more pressure than what you could manage by hand. As an employee in an industrial workplace, you need to understand how to use all the tools at your disposal because they help you do your job and can keep you from injuring yourself.

Stay Alert

Just like how road accidents are most often caused by distracted drivers and drivers under the influence, workplace accidents are often the result of a worker not paying attention or one who comes to work drunk or exhausted. Heavy machinery is dangerous no matter how much time you spend with it, and the best way to recognize and respect that danger is to stay alert and stay sober from the minute you punch in until the minute you punch out.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries can happen even if everyone does the right things, and sometimes a workers’ compensation insurer will try to avoid paying the full value of an injury and missed work time. If that happens to you, you can protect and defend your interests by hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you. In southwest Florida, the firm to call is Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, and Walsh.

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5 Ways To Avoid Industrial Workplace Accidents

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