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A Different Type Of Airbag Issue For Manatee County Drivers To Worry About

Since 1999, all new passenger vehicles have been required to have airbags. So, if you’re hitting U.S. Route 301, State Road 62, or other nearby streets in such a ride, the devices will inflate in the event of a crash. These units provide cushion and prevent peoples’ heads from hitting dashboards, steering wheels, windows, and more.

The pieces prevent injuries and save lives. However, relying on airbags alone to keep them safe is not enough. Manatee County motorists and passengers should also wear seat belts each time they get into their vehicles. This will maximize their chances of not getting seriously injured or killed in crashes. But airbags aren’t necessarily always spectacular. For instance, just look at all the recalls associated with Takata airbags.

The canisters exploded upon deployment, sending shrapnel through vehicle cabs, injuring and sometimes killing those on board. Although these airbags have consumed much attention over the years, it is now time to discuss a different issue. Stick around and read on to learn if you’re in danger.

404,690 Older Model Nissan Vehicles

Accidents in Manatee are dangerous enough that people don’t need airbag issues thrown into the mix. Yet, that is exactly what some Nissan owners are dealing with at the moment, even if they don’t realize it. We have learned about a host of models that could develop cracks on the resin emblem on the driver’s side airbag cover. Now, that might not sound like a huge ordeal, but it can be because after airbag deployment, those cracks can cause the emblem to detach.

It would be one thing if the item was simply falling on the operator’s lap or the floor, but that isn’t the case. Instead, research states that the piece turns into a missile. Therefore, it’s a safety issue because the projectile increases the risk of injury during a crash. The vehicles impacted by this ordeal are 2008 through 2011 Frontiers, Pathfinders, Armadas, Titans, Xterras, and 2008-2009 Quests.

Do You Own One Of These Vehicles?

If you own one of the above-mentioned vehicles in Parrish, it may be time to park it for a bit. After all, an accident could happen at any time. Then, contact your local Nissan dealer to discuss the matter. Ask the representative if there is a remedy. If so, find out when you can schedule to have your vehicle fixed. After the repair is made, you’ll be able to drive with your mind at ease, knowing that an emblem missile won’t fire across the cab when the airbag deploys.

If no remedy is available, find out what steps you should take next. The last thing you’ll want to do is leave things as-is. That could put you or anyone else that drives the vehicle in harm’s way. But what if someone in Parrish has already been injured by such an issue?

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Manufacturer’s liability is a legal concept that holds manufacturers or sellers responsible for the harm defective products cause. Hence, if you’ve been injured because of a faulty flying emblem or something else in Parrish, you might have the grounds to seek compensation for your damages. If the claim wins, the settlement or award will be determined by factors such as lost income, current/future medical bills, and property damage.

Are you ready to see if you have a legitimate claim to compensation?

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A Different Type Of Airbag Issue For Manatee County Drivers To Worry About

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