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Sarasota Mercedes Recall – Battery Problem Can Cause Safety Features To Fail

Many Sarasota citizens purchase Mercedes Benz vehicles, and why wouldn’t they? They are known for being elegant, luxurious, dependable, and more. Do you have a Mercedes in your name? If that’s the case, it doesn’t really matter why you chose the ride. You did, and now, it is your daily driver.

Why are we talking about this? It has come to our attention that certain Mercedes Benz vehicles may have problems that increase the risk of injury. So, if that’s a Mercedes parked in your Sarasota driveway or garage, stick around and read on to learn more. Then, hopefully, you’ll be able to address the issue before disaster strikes.

A 12-Volt Battery Dilemma

2019-2022 CLS450 Coupes & AMG E53s, 2019-2021 AMG CLS53 Coupes, and 2021-2022 E450s have 12V batteries in their trunks. The units power various devices, including safety features like hazard warning lights, automatic locks, and eCall systems. However, the batteries may not be secured properly. Thus, in the event of a crash, an electrical disconnect could happen, causing the safety features to fail.

When safety features do not work correctly, the risk of injury to car occupants increases. Obviously, each situation will be unique and different. After all, no two auto accidents are the same. However, some of the more common injuries associated with such events include:

  • • Whiplash
  • • Broken Bones
  • • Head And Neck Injuries
  • • Mental And Emotional Damages
  • • Death

Florida Auto Accident Stats

Many people believe it isn’t all that dangerous driving around on Florida’s roadways. This is especially true of those who have been able to avoid crashes up to this point in their driving careers. But avoidance isn’t always in the cards for all motorists as these stats show. According to the FLHSMV or Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Sunshine State accounted for 341,399 total crashes in 2020. That’s certainly a big figure, but believe it or not, the number is actually down. There were 401,867 across Florida in 2019.

As for 2019, those crashes caused 15,614 incapacitating injuries and 196,818 other injuries. People didn’t only get hurt in these crashes. Rather, 3,332 fatalities were recorded in 2019. Meanwhile, property damage enters the picture when vehicles collide too. In fact, the FLHSMV data shows there were 198,134 property damage only crashes in 2019.

What If Manufacturer Negligence Causes Injuries?

Have you been injured because of your car’s safety features failing? If so, and it can be proven that the manufacturer was negligent in some way, you may be entitled to fair compensation. However, it is the proving part that is often the most difficult. But thankfully, victims don’t have to face these situations alone. Instead, they can put personal injury lawyers in their corners to fight for what they deserve.

Why Restitution Is Needed And W

When people are severely injured in car accidents, working isn’t always in the cards while they nurse themselves back to health. Without money coming in, these individuals get behind on their everyday bills. Plus, they have new costs to cover for doctors, hospitals, etc. Meanwhile, family members that lose loved ones in tragic events are faced with the challenge of meeting their final expenses, which can be easier said than done these days.

For example, a no-frills funeral can run $7,000 or more today. Would you like to find out if you qualify to seek compensation in Sarasota? Contact Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh to schedule a free evaluation with a personal injury attorney if that’s the case. They’ll be happy to help you determine the appropriate action to take.

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Sarasota Mercedes Recall – Battery Problem Can Cause Safety Features To Fail

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