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A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You After A Major Accident

A collision or other motor vehicle accident with a truck driver can leave you with severe, debilitating injuries for life. The average “semi” truck is more than fifty feet long and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds — that is to say, 40 tons.

By comparison, the average passenger car is somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. Even a “glancing” collision with a large truck can completely decimate the car and may severely injure or kill anyone inside the smaller vehicle.

Because of the significant health consequences of a truck collision, time is of the essence in reaching a settlement. You need an expert attorney who understands the ins and outs of truck accidents in order to reach your goals in a reasonable period of time.

Likewise, the scene of a truck accident can be difficult to navigate and the evidence that you may need can be hard to find. Your legal team should understand the critical ways of establishing the true responsibility in an incident so that your rights can be protected.

We Can Help You Establish Fault In Florida When It Comes To Your Auto Accident

There are many factors that can contribute to negligent truck driving and lead to an accident.

In the past, for example, many trucking companies have demanded so many hours and so many miles from truckers that they may not be able to maintain proper control of a vehicle during a long shift.

The aftermath of a truck accident is terrible to deal with. However, it’s important to understand that the individual truck driver may only be one party in the equation. Partial fault can be held by the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and also by many others in the “supply chain.”

Without appropriate legal action, many of the parties responsible may never come to light.

In order to ensure you are awarded the damages you need and deserve, a legal team that’s well versed in trucking laws will examine the situation from a variety of different angles, establishing the ways in which different entities may have contributed to the crash.

At the same time, it is important to be able to show that you, the plaintiff, did not contribute to the crash. Your driving record, the well-being of your vehicle, and several other factors will all come into play. We have the expertise and the insight to investigate each of these for you and provide you with the excellent support you need throughout your entire case.

In Florida, don’t wait a day before you call a truck accident lawyer! Even under the best possible circumstances, it becomes harder to collect important information as time goes by.

If A Truck Driver May Be Responsible For Your Accident, You Could Win Major Damages

When you work with Goldman Babboni & Walsh, you can rest assured that you have the best truck accident lawyers in Florida on your side. We understand all the special considerations that go into evaluating a truck accident case.

We have handled truck accident cases successfully throughout the state of Florida.

If a truck driver’s negligence has led to personal harm on the road, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for the costs and medical care yourself. Let us help you to pursue the equitable awards that you may deserve for your suffering.

You can begin right away by calling or emailing us now. In Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Venice, and throughout Florida’s 282 cities and 109 towns, we are always willing to fight for your rights.

During his time as a public attorney for the State of Florida, Bernard Walsh developed a passion for defending the legal rights of Florida's citizens. Having seen many people being taken advantage of after being injured and the financial harm that can cause for families he committed himself fully to helping injured clients get justice, by fighting to make greedy insurance companies pay what they owe.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You After A Major Accident

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