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All The Things Used After An Accident To Determine Fault

Florida roads are filled with people. With more than 19 million residents and millions of visitors every week, it’s one of the most heavily populated areas in the entire country. That’s a big reason why it’s also the site of numerous traffic accidents each day. After an accident, a variety of things may happen. In most cases, those involved in the crash will have to seek medical attention and file claims under their PIP policies. But when one party feels like they deserve compensation due to the other party being at fault, a variety of different things may come into play.

Usually, the party seeking compensation must enlist the help of a qualified car crash attorney. These are the experts who will work with you to help get you the compensation you need. To do so, they investigate fault and try to determine not only who was responsible for the accident, but whether or not things like negligence and recklessness played a part in the crash.

There are several different things that will be used to help determine and prove fault and negligence including:

    • Accident Reports – Police fill out accident reports at the scene of any traffic accident. These often include written descriptions, drawings, diagrams, and occasionally photographs. They’re a key component in determining fault.
    • Citations – Along with accident reports, citations may or may not be issued. Things like reckless driving, DUI, and speeding may all play a role in helping attorneys and courts figure out where fault lies.
    • Trucker Reports – Truckers are required to keep logbooks of their drive time and other factors. These logs can often be used to help get a more solid idea as to what factors may have played a role in the accident.
    • Black Box Data – This one’s still rare, but is becoming more common. Vehicles manufactured today have a ‘black box’, a data recorder that stores things like speed, braking force, and more. It’s becoming common for lawyers to use this data during a personal injury case, though the laws are still being formed regarding this.

Witness Testimony – Sometimes, witnesses may be noted at the scene of an accident, often by those involved. An attorney could interview them to get a clearer picture as to what happened.

Investigations – It’s not uncommon for a personal injury lawyer to use an investigator of their own. Insurance companies regularly use their investigators to sort out the facts of an accident, and getting another opinion is often a good idea. If the case warrants it, there’s a strong possibility an investigator may look into things.

In general, these things are all enough to help form a clear idea as to what’s going on in an accident situation. The key is that one party must be shown to have been negligent or reckless. Drunk driving is a prime example of this, and one of the easiest ones to prove. Also, in some instances it’s possible for more parties than you might suspect to be involved in the case. For example, a trucking company that doesn’t enforce the federal guidelines about when their drivers can drive could be held liable for accidents as well as the driver themselves. In these cases, settlement amounts are often even higher, but the cases are often more complex.

Simply put, it’s always in your best interests to speak to a professional car crash lawyer after being involved in an accident. They can help you in numerous ways, and could be what you need to help get your finances back in line following an accident of any kind. If you have been harmed contact the personal injury attorneys at Goldman Babboni & Walsh. Our law firm has more than 150 years combined experienced in protecting the rights of the injured.

Attorney David Goldman has a strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and those with the means should do what they can to bring justice in all areas of our society. That belief has led him to help Florida's injured from being taken advantage of by corporations and insurance companies. Since 1989 David Goldman has been fighting for the rights of Floridians both as an attorney and by personally supporting our community.

All The Things Used After An Accident To Determine Fault

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