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Are ATV Accidents Common in Florida?

ATV accidents in Florida are actually more common than many care to admit. Over 100,000 emergency care visits each year are made by people injured in ATV accidents. The injuries can be minor and include cuts and bruises and, more severe, including fractures.

Off-Highway Vehicle Categories

According to The Consumer Federation of America, there are three categories of off-highway vehicles to consider: ATVs, Recreational Off-highway vehicles, and utility task vehicles.

State and local laws in Florida state that no off-highway vehicle can be legally operated on public roads, streets, or highways except for those permitted by the managing local, state, or federal agencies.

These vehicles are designed for off-road use and should only be operated by persons over the age of 16 and those who hold a valid driver’s license. Additionally, you should only drive these vehicles on private land with permission from the owner.

Who Is at Risk?

Inexperienced riders, those under 16, and boys are more at risk of ATV accidents than others, according to the injury rates and ATV-related emergency room visits that have been reported.

Additionally, those who fail to obey safety rules or operate the ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol also have an increased risk of being injured in an ATV accident. Teenage drivers have been found to suffer more serious injuries than other age groups as well.

Remember, children sometimes lack the physical strength, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities needed to operate an ATV safely. All this means their risk of injury turns out to be far greater than an adult’s risk level.

ATV Safety

To avoid accidents involving ATVs, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind.

• Wear protective gear when on an ATV; this includes a helmet
• Never drive an ATV with a passenger in tow
• Take a safety training course to familiarize yourself with basic safety principles
• Never let kids or teens drive an ATV on a paved road. ATVs can be difficult to control
• Never allow your children to drive or ride on an adult ATV

ATVs are designed to be used off-road and can be dangerous if used on paved roads. It is also dangerous to ride with a passenger because most ATVs are only designed with the driver in mind and aren’t intended to hold any passengers.

You should also avoid operating your ATV on terrain and in areas that are unfamiliar to you and never perform dangerous stunts or maneuvers. As an ATV owner, you are responsible for making sure that yourself and those around you are safe.

Common ATV Injuries

Some of the more common ATV injuries that can happen include traumatic brain injury(TBI), concussions, skull fractures, broken arms, broken ribs, crushed wrists, internal injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Who Is Liable?

Florida is the sunshine state, and the weather permits a lot of recreational time in the great outdoors. However, ATV drivers should still exercise caution to avoid serious or fatal accidents. If you were involved in an ATV accident, you might be able to recover compensation for your medical bills and lost wages.
Florida’s no-fault insurance laws were put in place to minimize claims that arise from less significant accidents. However, these laws also make it more difficult for victims to recover compensation.

If you can prove the fault of another in an ATV lawsuit, you may be entitled to compensation. To do this, you have to prove liability. For example, was the ATV accident caused by a mechanical defect or the actions of another person?
Find where the fault lies and then file a personal injury claim with the help of a Florida attorney that is knowledgeable about these accidents.

Attorney David Goldman has a strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and those with the means should do what they can to bring justice in all areas of our society. That belief has led him to help Florida's injured from being taken advantage of by corporations and insurance companies. Since 1989 David Goldman has been fighting for the rights of Floridians both as an attorney and by personally supporting our community.

Are ATV Accidents Common in Florida?

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