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Are Expert Consultations Really Needed For Personal Injury Law Cases?

Are Expert Consultations Really Needed For Personal Injury Law Cases?Turn on any courtroom drama and you’ll likely end up eventually seeing one common theme – expert testimony from consultants and witnesses. While these are frequently used in criminal trials, and the use of an expert’s opinion could make or break a major criminal case, it’s very common to assume that there is no need for expert consultation in personal injury cases. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in reality expert consultations are just as important in these types of cases as they are in any other case.

So just why is that? For starters, it all comes down to the way the legal system is set up. According to law, injured plaintiffs must prove that their damages are real and that they have caused the kind of financial hardship they’re seeking compensation for. A plaintiff can’t simply show up to court and make a claim without having some measure of proof, and expert consultations are usually that proof.

Here are a couple of the different problems that expert consultations overcome.

  • Juries can’t just make up a number as an award settlement out of thin air. An expert testimony helps them determine just what kind of award is fair.
  • Juries can’t make vague guesses about injuries, causes, and long term effects of an injury. Instead, they have to use expert testimony to learn just what kind of damages have been endured and what kind of compensation is owed as a result.

Since a judge – and most jury members – aren’t going to be medical professionals, it makes sense that getting the opinions of a trained medical professional is a vital part of getting to the bottom of any case. Under Florida law, any person with skill, experience, education, or knowledge of a particular subject can be called on to provide expert testimony.

While the most common type of expert called to the stand will be medical professionals who testify about injuries sustained, other experts are often used as well including:

  • Construction experts to testify concerning unsafe conditions in a workplace or on a premises
  • Economic or financial experts who may be called to testify about long term financial damages caused by injuries
  • Accident reconstructionist who recreate an accident for the jury
  • Vocational experts who testify to the way that injuries impact income and finances

Insurance companies will regularly have experts testify on their behalf, and if you’ve been injured in an accident then you’ll likely need your own expert to stand up for you. A good personal injury lawyer in Florida can help find the right expert for any situation and get you the testimony that you might need.

It’s also important to understand that while expert consultants will often take the stand during a case, they may also help prevent a case from going all the way to trial at all. Insurance companies will take a case to court if they feel like they can use their legal resources to lower their overall responsibility to the plaintiff. But when expert consultants are backing up a plaintiff’s claim, it suddenly becomes much more apparent that they may be facing an uphill battle.

When that happens, they’re far more likely to settle out of court and avoid potentially higher awards that could be given in a trial setting. As such, an expert consultant is often the first tool a good personal injury lawyer will use to help you win a case before it even hits the courts. A good lawyer will know when to call an expert and which expert is the right one for any situation. Experts aren’t just for criminal law cases – they could help you win your personal injury case as well. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Are Expert Consultations Really Needed For Personal Injury Law Cases?

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