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Auto Recalls Hit Record Levels, May Contribute To Thousands Of Automobile Accidents

As of this June, automobile recalls in the United States have reached record levels. More vehicles than ever before in the history of the nation are now impacted by recalls from automotive manufacturers — and more recalls may still be looming on the horizon.

Automotive recalls are typically “voluntary” actions by automotive manufacturers — however, they can also be mandated by law when discoveries are made that suggest a significant public safety hazard based on the engineering decisions used to develop a particular vehicle.

In truth, “voluntary” recalls sometimes come at the end of a long period of dodging responsibility and obscuring the facts of public safety concerns.

For that reason, even after a recall is issued, automotive manufacturers may still be found partially responsible for accidents that took place years before that date.

The Age Of Auto Recalls Hits America — What It Means For The Average Motorist

As of this writing, more than 31 million U.S. vehicles have been recalled in 2014. That vastly exceeds the previous record, which was 30.8 million, set in 2004.

Automobile recalls typically take place for reasons like the following:

  • Enhanced risk of fire, either to do with the ignition or the car’s engine.
  • Significant risk of electrical system failure in the ignition or elsewhere.
  • Problems with safety features, such as side, front, and passenger airbags.

Because automobile recalls can create a heavy toll on manufacturers’ profit and reputation, these companies have a vested interest in preventing recalls for as long as possible, even once they are aware of a problem and the ultimate outcome becomes all but inevitable.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, it is important to document all the facts. In addition to the individual driver who may be at fault in your case, automotive manufacturers may bear partial responsibility for the situation.

Automotive recalls are not isolated incidents, but instead suggest enhanced risk — even for the most responsible drivers — that may have been going on behind the scenes for months or years.

For that reason, it is crucial that any car involved in an accident be fully evaluated for mechanical issues as well as problems that might have affected the driver.

Awards Related To Recalls Can Be Very High For Responsible Motorists

Because of the extreme personal danger involved in any recall, the awards that can be provided for those harmed by faulty automobiles are high. In addition to compensatory damages — those that compensate for medical bills and other expenses — punitive damages can be significant.

Compensatory damages “make things right,” but punitive damages help ensure that a similar issue never happens again. Fighting for damages is a worthwhile pursuit for anyone who has been harmed by a faulty vehicle.

It is sometimes necessary to join a class action lawsuit in order to maximize the potential for getting the amount you deserve from automakers. This can provide you with an equitable share of any final settlement and may reduce the amount of work you need to do personally.

How Can You Protect Yourself From The Uncertainty Of Auto Recalls? Call Us Today

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Our attorneys are adept at guiding our clients through these sometimes baffling cases.

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Auto Recalls Hit Record Levels, May Contribute To Thousands Of Automobile Accidents

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