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Avoid Mudding, Or Off-Roading, Until You Have Read About This Product Recall

Avoid Mudding, Or Off-Roading, Until You Have Read About This Product RecallThere is nothing better than hitting the beach, woods, or another area, in your all-terrain, or recreational off-highway vehicle, after a good rain. ATVs and ROHVs, even provide you with an easy way to just go for a leisurely drive. There are certain dangers that we accept when driving, or riding in, these types of vehicles, but we do not expect defective parts to be behind those hazards. This recall involves a massive amount of Kawasaki models, including…

  • 2017 Brute Force 750 all-terrain vehicles of the following models, 4×4i EPS, 4×4i EPS Camo, 4×4i EPS, and 4×4i, with VIN, ranges between JKAVFDL11HB506155 and JKAVFDG10HB512832
  • 2017 TERYX, TERYX LE, TERYX Camo, TERYX4, TERYX4 LE, and TERYX4 Camo recreational off-highway vehicles, with VINs ranging between JKBRFCH17HB501204 and JKBRTCG10HB507422
  • 2017 Mule utility vehicles of various models, with VINs, varying between JKBAFSL19HB500313 and JK1AFCR14HB531308

The vehicles came in assorted colors, shades, and patterned camouflages, with multiple seating options, and automotive-style controls. Model names and VINs, printed on different surfaces, including the frame and under the seat, are easy to find. Sold at Kawasaki dealerships nationwide, these convenient, and fun, driving toys could be just about anywhere, including various locations throughout Florida.

This Fire Hazard Poses A Risk To Your Well-Being

The fuel gauge retainer may collapse, causing fuel to leak, which poses a fire hazard. Burns, of different degrees, as well as other personal injuries, can occur, leaving you with expensive medical costs, time away from work, and the inability to pay necessities. If you sustain an injury from a defective part, product, or the negligent act of a manufacturer, feel free to contact our office for a free case review, to see if you are owed just compensation.

Kawasaki will contact all known owners, and repairs will be performed free of charge. However, this does not account for vehicles that have been sold to another proprietor. We must do our part, to spread the message, to keep our friends, families, and neighbors safe. Your health, well-being, and safety should always be the top priorities.

Things To Do

Discontinue using your off-road toy, immediately, to prevent injuries and stay safe. It will be tempting to play, especially if it rains, but you must remain disciplined. The company’s customer service department should be contacted, referencing the recall number of 17-75 to get the most up-to-date information, and to find out how to proceed with the process.

It is of the utmost importance to check your model, and identification numbers, if you believe that your unit may be affected. The few, mere minutes that it takes you to check them, is better than the alternatives, which could be painful and life-altering consequences. Attempting to prove fault in these cases, is often easier said than done. We have the experience, a vast understanding of the law, and the ability to help you through this complicated process, from the beginning to the end.

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Avoid Mudding, Or Off-Roading, Until You Have Read About This Product Recall

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