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Avoid These Five Common Mistakes After Your Southwest Florida Auto Accident

Unfortunately, many Florida residents do not understand the steps they have to take to protect their rights after an auto accident. Insurance companies are not interested in paying claims because it cuts into their profits. So they will do everything they can to take a simple mistake and use it against you to get out of paying a fair claim. In order to protect yourself, it is important to understand what mistakes to avoid. Here the biggest mistakes to avoid:

Not Calling The Police

Oftentimes people think if the accident is minor, they do not need to contact law enforcement. However, Florida is a comparative fault state, meaning both drivers will be assigned a percentage of fault after an accident. That percentage will impact their final settlement because whatever percentage they are found at fault will be deducted from the total value. A police report can help establish the other driver was at fault. Police reports are considered objective by the courts and can help prove your claim down the line.

Not Going To The Doctor Right Away

There are dozens of common auto accident injuries that can take days, weeks, and even months to show symptoms. Many of these injuries like traumatic brain injuries or internal organ damage can be life-threatening. Going to the doctor right away can ensure that you get properly diagnosed and treated before these injuries become very dangerous. Going to the doctor right away will also directly connect your injuries to the accident. This is something you will have to prove when you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Admitting Fault

Even if you think you are 100% to blame for the accident, that may not be the case. There may have been extenuating circumstances that actually caused the accident that aren’t discovered until after the investigation. Even if it is proven that you did not cause the accident, because you admitted fault, you will still be considered at-fault. Further, be very careful when giving your account to the police or the insurance companies. Even the slighting admission could be twisted by the insurance companies into fault. Just stick to the simple facts about the accident like where it happened, when it happened, what happened, and who was involved.

Trusting The Insurance Company

You may have a great relationship with your insurance company, but that will change the moment you need to file a claim. Insurance companies are not your friend, especially when they are financially obligated to pay for your damages. Do not trust they have your best interests at heart, even if they are very nice. Insurance companies are intentional when they hire claims adjusters. They specifically choose likeable, friendly people to help make you feel you can trust them. Then they will very quickly turn on you. Be wary when speaking to them and know that they unfortunately do not have your best interests at heart.

Not Speaking To An Attorney

Unlike insurance companies, auto accident attorneys are your friend. They are there to protect your rights and make sure that you are not taken advantage of during a vulnerable time. They know the ins and outs of Florida accident injury law and will use that knowledge to fight for you. Even if you believe the case will go well, it’s still always a good idea to consult with an attorney. Attorneys also know exactly what compensation you deserve and can help you get a better settlement that more accurately reflects the full damages incurred.

Avoiding these five mistakes will help ensure that your rights are protected after an accident. For more information about how to protect yourself, give us a call at 1-833-954-1234. The attorneys at Justice Pays, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, and Walsh, have decades of experience protecting Southwest Florida residents. We’ll start with a free case review and explain how we can help. Then if you decide to work with us, we’ll make sure that the insurance companies do not use one simple mistake to get out of paying you. We’re here to fight for your rights to a full and fair settlement.

Stephen M. Fernandez developed a strong belief in justice and fairness in public policy while earning his Political Science degree prior to attending law school. Since joining the Florida Bar Association in 2004, Stephen Fernandez has combined his background in public policy, business administration and civil law to serve as a highly effective trial lawyer fighting for Florida's injured, working hard every day to make sure his clients get what they are owed.

Avoid These Five Common Mistakes After Your Southwest Florida Auto Accident

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