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Manatee County Drivers – Bad Habits To Avoid While Driving

It is no secret that driving is something that deserves a person’s undivided attention, especially in Manatee county and north Sarasota county where our “stroads” are the worst kind of road like US 301, and Tamiami Trail where you have a combination of high speeds, heavy traffic, lots of intersections and frequent pedestrians. That’s because when motorists get distracted and take their eyes off the roads, that’s when accidents happen. Then, often, those incidents injure or kill participants.

But the question is, what kinds of things serve as distractions to drivers? Obviously, a list could go on and on. Many drivers might not even be aware that they’re currently partaking in bad habits. Instead, they kind of just do them because, we’ll, they’re habits.

However, by talking about these issues, that will promote awareness. Then, hopefully, Florida drivers will see what they’re doing incorrectly and make changes to ensure they’re practicing safe driving and keeping accidents at bay.

Drowsy Driving

Florida drivers might not be able to stop every bout of drowsy driving in it’s tracks. After all, sometimes, the open road can pull people off to sleep. But you owe it to yourself and others to remain awake and alert as much as possible. Therefore, always make it a point to get enough shit eye the night before when you must drive the next morning.

Also, you’ll want to avoid taking medications that cause drowsiness because they could make your eyelids awfully heavy. Meanwhile, if you feel yourself nodding off behind the wheel, park the car somewhere safe, get out, and walk around. With any luck, that will be just what the doctor ordered to make you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again.

Eating And Driving

Eating while driving can be a recipe for disaster. For example, have you ever seen someone eating a bowl of cereal behind the wheel? The answer for most of us is probably too many times to count. What if that cereal were oatmeal and somebody spilled the hot substance on their lap? With their legs burning, driving will become a secondary thought. Eating, whether you get hurt or not, is a distraction that could cause you to wreck. So, do yourself a favor and make time in your busy schedule to pull over someplace safe, like a park, or go inside a restaurant to eat.

Texting And Driving

There should never be a texting and driving combination. That’s because people should always choose texting or driving. However, have you been in a Florida traffic jam or sat at a red light? Motorists always seem to be doing something on their phones, and it is probably safe to assume that many of them are texting. Yet, that shouldn’t happen because of the consequences that can follow from texting and driving.

For instance, according to Simply Insurance, 1.6 million crashes occur annually due to people using phones while operating motor vehicles. The research also shows that texting & driving is responsible for 390,000 injuries annually. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, not with 1 in 4 accidents in the U.S. being caused by combining the two activities.

Driving Under The Influence

It is never a good idea to drive under the influence of alcohol. Yet, tons of people do it anyways. These stats reveal why that could prove to be a mistake. The FLHSMV states there were 4,554 alcohol confirmed crashes across Florida in 2020. They were responsible for 384 fatalities, 393 incapacitating injuries, and 2,203 other injuries. Hence, the next time you kick back with some cold ones or down some shots, get an Uber, take the bus, or get a sober driver to drive you if you must go somewhere.

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Manatee County Drivers – Bad Habits To Avoid While Driving

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