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Be A Savvy Legal Consumer When Selecting Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have never had any legal concerns in the past, choosing an attorney can be a very daunting task. It is made especially difficult when you are dealing with a personal injury case in which you must deal with the consequences of injury while supporting your case’s resolution.

Here at, our attorneys believe in providing you with clear, factual information so that you can make the right choice. No matter whether you use our law firm or not, we stand behind the belief that getting effective legal representation is absolutely critical.

In a personal injury case, your attorney must have an in-depth understanding of the law in order to help you prove that you did not contribute, or contributed only minimally, to your injury and that the negligence, action or inaction of another caused you to be injured.

That requires expertise that not all Florida lawyers can offer. Luckily, you can be proactive.

How can you be sure if your prospective lawyer is the right one?

Ask Them About Their Recent Cases

An experienced attorney should be willing to provide you with verifiable facts about recent cases and their outcomes, including the amounts that they were able to win on behalf of their clients. It is a good sign when you see large awards — consisting of both compensatory damages (for your defined costs and suffering) and punitive damages (which are used to penalize the defendant.)

Ask Them About Their Expertise

Every personal injury case is different. If you have been involved in a slip and fall, make sure your attorney knows how to handle a slip and fall. If you have been injured in Tampa, make sure your lawyer understands the relevant municipal laws and other issues that might apply to Tampa. Don’t settle for someone who has only a portion of the picture.

Ask Them Why They Practice Law

This might sound unorthodox at first, but it’s important: You should feel comfortable with your attorney and confident in that person’s skills. If you feel that they are not providing you with the answers you need, then odds are good you will not be satisfied with the process of working with them through your case, which can take weeks, months, or even years.

Lastly, Ask Them About Their Fees

Attorneys appreciate the opportunity to take on a case that they believe has merits. It is often the case that an attorney can take legal fees out of the awards that you ultimately receive as a result of pursuing your case. This can make the process of getting and maintaining legal counsel more affordable for you in a time when you may be facing financial challenges.

If you cannot get a complete and satisfying answer from an attorney about any of these matters, then you should most likely pursue representation somewhere else. It is as simple as that.

Your Decisions Matter When It Comes To Your Case — The Choice Of Lawyer Is Critical

At Goldman Babboni & Walsh, we know that one of the most important aspects of helping our clients is helping them become educated when it comes to their legal rights and options. Plaintiffs deserve to understand the important details of their case fully.

That begins right here, when you are considering which legal team to choose. We want you to make a fully informed decision — no matter whether you’re in Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Venice, Sarasota, or in any one of Florida’s 67 counties from coast to coast.

Take the right step for you and call the team at to learn more today.

Michael J. Babboni's wide-ranging legal career is based on the strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and have access to effective legal help. Michael began putting his beliefs in action by helping the people of St. Petersburg Florida get what they are owed in civil trials fighting to protect families by making corporations pay, and honor their obligations.

Be A Savvy Legal Consumer When Selecting Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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