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Beware These Common Accidents During Venice Rush Hour Traffic

Venice’s rush hour traffic has gotten really bad lately, even out of season. As more residents move to the area for affordable housing and great weather, the more our streets are full of traffic, especially during rush hour as drivers make their way north on Jacauranda Blvd toward I-75 or north on Tamiami Trail heading to Sarasota. Rush hour is when the most cars are on the road and thus, the most accidents are likely to happen. When driving in rush hour, it’s important to understand what type of crashes happen. That way you can avoid them with your defensive driving skills.

Common Types Of Rush Hour Accidents

Most accidents are the result of user error, but the impact of that error depends on the volume of traffic. In low traffic areas, a small mistake can maybe lead to a curb check but not an accident. However, in high traffic areas that small mistake can lead to a pileup. Here are the most common accidents on the Venice streets during rush hour.

Read End Accidents: The most common accidents are rear-end accidents. When people are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, there isn’t much buffer between the vehicles. With less stopping time, drivers often rear-end other vehicles. Make sure to always leave enough stopping space between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

Intersection Accidents: Intersections are where most accidents happen in general. Crossing intersections can be really tricky, regardless if there is a street light or a stop sign. These accidents are even more likely to happen during rush hour because of the volume of cars. On top of that, many people are in a rush so they often run red lights and don’t stop at stop signs. Many times this leads to t-bones and head-on collisions. When crossing an intersection during rush hour, be extra vigilant. Make sure the intersection is clear before crossing.

Multi-Car Accidents: Another common accident during rush hour are multi-car accidents. These are the accidents most people think about when they think of rush hour crashes. A multi-car accident or pileup is when like dominos, one car hits another which hits another, and so on. This is because bumper-to-bumper traffic does not lead to much of a buffer between vehicles. When one is hit it is often pushed into another and another. It’s hard to avoid a multi-car accident, but the best thing you can do is to just try to have space between yourself and other vehicles.

Other accidents can happen during rush hour, but these three are the most common to rush hour traffic.

Tips To Avoid An Accident During Rush Hour

Sometimes there’s not much you can do to avoid an accident. However, some safe driving tips can help you during rush hour.

  • Consider Your Timing: Venice traffic is the worst between 7 am and 8 am. If you can, try to leave before or after these hours to avoid the most populated times.
  • Rethink Your Route: Highways like 41 and I-75 are going to be busier than side streets. If you can take a route that avoids these busier streets.
  • Keep Your Vehicle Maintained: In rush hour you have to stop quickly. So your brakes must be in good working condition. Keeping your vehicle maintained will help you avoid an accident.
  • Beware Other Drivers: When you drive during rush hour, it’s very important to drive defensively. Always keep your eyes on the other drivers, that way you can predict their moves and protect yourself.
  • Always Watch Your Blindspot: During traffic, checking our blind spots are very important. As cars move quickly through traffic, we may not always know when someone is there. Before merging, always check your blind spot.

Safe driving will help you avoid an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen even when we’ve been really cautious. In those cases, Justice Pays is here to help.

Our legal team Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh has been protecting Venice Florida auto accident victims since before we ever had rush hour. Our team has successfully resolved over 10,000 cases. We can help you. Give us a call whenever you need us. We offer a free case review to help you understand all your legal options.

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Beware These Common Accidents During Venice Rush Hour Traffic

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