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Cycling In Manatee County Florida Can Be Dangerous

You might be under the impression that accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles don’t happen that often in the Sunshine State. However, there is a big difference for cyclcist getting some excersise in thier neighborhood, and for those who must use thier bicycle as daily transportation on busy roads like US 41, US 301 or University Parkway, or Manatee Avenue. According to stats from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, that assumption would be wrong. There were 5,952 serious bicycle crashes in 2020. The incidents were responsible for 4,815 injuries and 759 incapacitating injuries.

Unfortunatelty these crashes also caused 169 fatalities. Today, however the focus is on some of the most common types of injuries cyclists sustain after getting struck by vehicles while cycling on Florida’s roads. Then, you’ll have a better understanding of why these incidents are so disastrous.

Fractures And Broken Bones

When riders are thrown from their bikes after getting into accidents, they are sometimes able to brace for the impact with the ground/street. Individuals put their arms out in front of them, only for their wrists, hands, and fingers to take the brunt of the blow. That’s great news in some regards. For instance, it may prevent a traumatic brain injury, but the force can also cause broken and fractured wrists, fingers, forearms, clavicles, and more.

Traumatic Brain Injury

When cyclists are thrown from their bikes in crashes, they can hit their heads hard on the ground or pavement. If they’re lucky, they were wearing a helmet that absorbed most of the impact. But even still, that might not be enough to prevent them from obtaining a traumatic brain injury such as a contusion, concussion, or hemorrhage. The effects of these ailments include dizziness, fatigue, memory problems, etc., and they can be short or long-term.

Loss Of Limbs

It is not uncommon for riders to have to have limbs or appendages amputated following accidents involving cars. Not only does that sound painful, but it sounds pretty pricey too. According to Cost Helper Health, those who do not have insurance to cover an amputation procedure at a hospital can be looking at a price tag of between $20,000 to $60,000 total for the venture.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Due to the lack of protection that bicyclists have, their spinal cords can sustain injuries in car vs. bike incidents. Some people will need surgeries and treatments to get better. They might experience pain and discomfort or even bouts of partial paralysis. Then, there are also those who, unfortunately, get permanently paralyzed from the necks or waists down. They receive high-dollar bills for testing and procedures. Plus, extra expenses enter the picture for the purchase of wheel chairs, wheel chair ramps, handicap accessible vehicles, and other relatable items.

Internal Organ Injuries

There’s nothing easy going when bicyclists get struck by passenger vehicles. The incidents are chaotic and forceful. But getting hit isn’t the only thing that can happen. Riders can also be run over, leaving their bodies trapped beneath cars. And what about when people land on top of the autos or get thrown into things like guardrails or trees? There are about a million different scenarios that could play out with bicycle accidents. Hence, it’s easy to see how something like a small tear in an organ might get overlooked. Internal injuries are just other common injuries associated with bicycle/car crashes.

Some Final Thoughts

Were you recently injured in a Florida bicycle crash because of a negligent driver? Perhaps he was speeding, ran a stop sign, and struck your bike in a crosswalk while crossing an intersection. Or maybe she was texting and driving, swerved into the bike lane, hitting and injuring you. The point is you might be entitled to compensation if you can prove the other party’s negligence has left you in the state that you’re in. Contact Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez, Murphy & Walsh to schedule a free case review with an accident attorney. They’ll help you determine the best steps to take.

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Cycling In Manatee County Florida Can Be Dangerous

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