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Bicycle Safety Tips To Help Palmetto Residents Stay Safe

With the temperatures quickly beginning to rise, more and more Palmetto residents are sure to soon take to the streets on their bikes. Some individuals take joyrides only to see the sights and do a little exercise. Meanwhile, others use bicycles to accommodate their green lifestyles. They ride the units to work, stores, school, and almost everywhere else in-between.

By not driving a car, the person is doing their part to reduce pollution. Regardless of why people are all about taking to the roads on two wheels, they should use these tips to remain safely out of harm’s way during their travels. Of course, not everything is on bicyclists, as they share the roadways with motorists. However, the last thing any rider wants to do is leave their fate in someone else’s hands. So, take these proactive measures, and hopefully, no harm will come to you.

Wear Protective Gear

It can be tempting to hop on your bike and go without getting all decked out in protective gear. After all, you’re ready to ride when you’re ready to ride. However, if you get struck by a car or have to lay your bicycle down to avoid getting hit, you’ll probably be thanking your lucky stars that you are wearing a helmet, knee pads, and more. Think about it; a bike doesn’t have doors, a roof, or anything to protect you. So, do yourself a favor and wear your gear each time you head out for a ride. That might just save you from an ailment like traumatic brain injury or road rash.

Bright Clothing All The Time

Riding a bike in the wee hours of the morning or after dusk can often be dangerous. That’s because drivers can’t always see bicyclists when it’s dark outside. Heck, it can even be challenging for motorists to spot riders in the middle of the day. Therefore, it is in your best interest to wear highly visible clothing on a bike when you leave the house. Then, with any luck, you’ll be seen by drivers and not become a Florida bicycle accident statistic.

Don’t Text And Ride

So, you can hold your handlebars with one hand while using your other to operate your cell phone. That is pretty impressive, but that doesn’t mean you should actually do those things together. Reading and writing messages will take your focus off of your surroundings. Then, you might ride into traffic, get struck by a vehicle, and fly through the air, hitting a tree and breaking your collar bone. Or, you may even hit your head on the pavement, fracturing your skull. Thus, if your primary objective is to remain safe, stay off your phone when operating a bicycle.

Don’t Forget About The Weather

Before a person goes on a bicycle ride, they should first check the weather regardless of how far the intended destination is from their house. Nobody wants to get caught out and about with no cover when the bottom falls from the sky. That’s really only half the problem, though. When it starts pouring outside, that can limit visibility for drivers. Then, someone might not be able to see you because of the inability to see and accidentally hit you.

The Last Words

If you’re involved in a Palmetto bicycle crash with a negligent driver, you might be entitled to fair compensation for your damages. But of course, you’ll have to prove the negligence caused your injuries, which isn’t always easy to do when you try to handle a situation alone, so don’t. Instead, contact our firm to put stellar legal representation in your corner and hold the reckless driver accountable for his or her actions.

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Bicycle Safety Tips To Help Palmetto Residents Stay Safe

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