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Boating Accident Basics

Florida’s thousands of miles of road are often the main thing that people give their attention to when it comes to considering accidents. But while it’s true that our state’s roads can be dangerous, there are plenty of other areas that carry the risk of accidents and injuries as well. A perfect example of this lies on our waterways.

Florida has more than 8,000 miles of pristine coastline to enjoy, along with millions of lake acreage and countless rivers and streams. These are all big draws for the millions of tourists who visit each year, and give residents hours of enjoyment throughout the year. But accidents do happen, and boating accidents in particular do pose a significant risk to safety when reckless or negligent behavior is involved.

When it comes to boating accidents, the reality is that they are similar to auto accidents from a legal standpoint. The same key rules apply when seeking compensation for injuries:

  • It must be shown that one party involved in the accident acted with reckless or negligent behavior.
  • Those reckless or negligent actions must be shown to have contributed to the accident or made it even worse.

These are the two basic principles involved in any accident case, and when seeking compensation it’s important to understand that they’re the fundamentals of successfully showing that you deserve financial restitution for your injuries.

However, some differences do remain where boating accidents are concerned. First, it’s worth understanding the wide range of different parties that can be held responsible. With auto accidents, fault often lies with the motorist, a trucking company, or with a company that created a vehicle using faulty parts. Similarly, fault in a boating accident can be assigned to:

  • Boat operators
  • Boat owners who fail to maintain their boats properly
  • Boat manufacturers who use faulty parts or techniques
  • Boat owners who fail to properly stock life preservers and other lifesaving equipment on the boat
  • Dock or marina owners

In short, negligence or recklessness can constitute a lot of different things. As a result it’s important to talk to a professional accident lawyer who can review your situation and determine exactly who may be held liable. There are other reasons to seek a professional accident lawyer following a boating accident, including:

  • Settlements – A good attorney will ensure that you don’t accept an accident settlement that is lower than it should be, and will help negotiate a fair settlement amount on your behalf.
  • Action – An attorney will get you results faster than you could get on your own. Insurance companies and representatives of the other involved party are more likely to work with you quickly when they know you have representation.
  • Better Recovery – When injured parties have to spend time worrying about finances and their rights, it’s harder to make a solid physical recovery. A personal injury lawyer lets you avoid that, focusing on healing while they do the hard work for you.

All in all, boating accidents can be very dangerous and have a major impact on the lives of those involved. Speed, drowning, DUI, and other factors all add up to make these types of accidents potentially more dangerous than auto accidents. However, the same laws and regulations do protect those injured in boating accidents. As a result, it’s important to remember that your rights do exist and that you can take steps to protect yourself and your finances following an accident.

Our legal team has years of experience helping thousands of people who were injured in accidents of all kinds – including boating related accidents. To find out more about your rights and what steps you can take to get the compensation you’re owed, contact us today.

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Boating Accident Basics

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