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Bradenton Auto Accidents Caused by Failure to Use Turn Signals

One thing many Bradenton drivers fail to use regularly is their turn signal. Failure to use this can result in auto accidents because the turn signal is how you communicate to other drivers on the road that you are moving into a new lane or turning.

Failure to use turn signals is actually a major cause of US accidents. According to a study done by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), drivers failing to use their turn signals accounted for over two million accidents yearly. To put this into perspective, only 950,000 auto accidents were caused by distracted driving.

Also, according to their study conducted by the SAE, we don’t use signals about 25% of the time and nearly 50% of the time, we change lanes. They learned of this information more than a decade ago, yet it still remains clear to this day—many Florida auto accidents today are still caused by a motorist’s failure to use turn signals.

Drivers in Bradenton need to be more vigilant when on the roads and pay close attention to their surroundings, especially when turning, lane changing, or even making a U-turn. You can’t control other vehicles. You can only control what you do.

The Importance of Turn Signals

When switching lanes or making turns, we are supposed to use our turn signals to alert the other drivers and pedestrians on the roadways. Turn signals are important because they can help prevent unnecessary accidents.

Above all, it is the law. Florida Statute 316.155 states that a turn or lateral move on the highway cannot be made unless it is indicated by a turn signal. Turn signals must be used for one hundred feet before the turn or lane switch is made. This allows other drivers to react and slow their speed or pass if necessary.

Accidents Caused By Improper Turn Signal Use

Failure to use turn signals properly or at all can result in accidents on some of Bradenton’s busiest roadways. When you don’t use turn signals for safe maneuvering, there is a chance the vehicle behind you can’t stop in time, causing a rear-end collision. It can also be dangerous for pedestrians when you turn down side streets because they are not warned that you are turning in their direction.

Not using your turn signals in a parking lot can also cause a collision. If you fail to use a turn signal before pulling into a parking spot, a collision may occur as two vehicles try to get into one spot. Pedestrian accidents are also more likely to happen as they could walk into a spot you are about to turn into with no warning.

Who Is Liable?

To receive compensation for this kind of accident, you need to prove the negligence of the at-fault driver. You must prove that they failed to use their turn signal, which caused the collision that led to the damages and injuries.

Every driver owes a degree of care when on the road and must employ the best and safest driving practices when behind the wheel. The at-fault party may be liable if that duty of care is breached, resulting in an auto collision.

To prove fault:

• See if there is any video footage
• Use eyewitness testimony
Car accident reconstruction
• Medical records that show the injuries sustained during the accident
• Record of any citation connected to the accident

To help file a personal injury claim following an accident with failure to use turn signals in Bradenton, consult an experienced injury law attorney who can help you navigate the process and put you in the best position possible to receive compensation.

During his time as a public attorney for the State of Florida, Bernard Walsh developed a passion for defending the legal rights of Florida's citizens. Having seen many people being taken advantage of after being injured and the financial harm that can cause for families he committed himself fully to helping injured clients get justice, by fighting to make greedy insurance companies pay what they owe.

Bradenton Auto Accidents Caused by Failure to Use Turn Signals

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