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Brain Injury Lawyers Help You Ensure That You Don’t Get Overcharged In TBI Cases

When people go to the hospital, they know that they might be dealing with a very serious bill that could have a long-term financial impact on them. However, the health system requires that people are able to operate with some degree of trust in hospitals.

A recent federal lawsuit brought against North Florida Regional Medical Center and two other hospitals under the aegis of the HCA company claims that people have been overcharged for medical services.

In this early stage of the case, it’s difficult to know how things will work out. However, it’s important that anyone who has been in an accident involving TBI understand the possibility of being charged incorrectly, even if the best medical tools and procedures are used.

TBI Can Be Among The Most Challenging Medical Situations To Diagnose Accurately

People are growing more wary of using hospitals, but it’s absolutely critical you get seen by a doctor if you have a TBI problem. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury can be hard to diagnose.

While it can be relatively straightforward to note the areas of damage in a TBI patient’s brain and nervous system, it is often challenging to discover what the long-term implications are.

Because A TBI diagnosis requires specialized equipment and skills, any patient should be aware of the possibility that they might be overcharged accidentally when getting a TBI diagnosis.

This is one more reason why a good TBI lawyer is critical for anyone in an accident!

TBI Is A Life-Long Diagnosis That Requires A Long View Of The Situation

As trial attorneys who have long experience with TBI, the team at Get Me Justice is among the most effective in Florida when it comes to TBI judgments. We stand side by side with patients who are dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

Good brain injury lawyers help you every step of the way during your TBI case. That means communicating on your behalf with a wide variety of different people in your case: Law enforcement, insurance companies and yes, even hospitals.

If there is some degree of inaccuracy on your hospital records — even unintentionally — it may affect your case in terms of the damages you can seek. It also impacts your quality of life. That being the case, we remain aware of your course of treatment throughout your case.

With brain injury, it’s important to take a “long view” of the situation and be aware of all of the different factors. In Florida, our team is the best when it comes to handling traumatic brain injury holistically and helping people get what they are legally entitled to.

Let Us Help You With Your TBI Case And Ensure That You Are Protected Throughout

With so many questions arising lately about the pricing practices used by major hospitals, it is more important than ever that people have complete legal representation for their TBI cases.

In a TBI case, you not only have to be prepared to seek your legal rights when dealing with the perpetrator of your accident or injury, but also against the very hospital you must trust for care.

Throughout the Sunshine State and elsewhere, relatively few companies have the expertise that’s required when it comes to dealing with the various aspects of these cases — but we do.

As one of the state’s first law firms to aggressively pursue TBI court cases, we offer you the most experience in handling all of the unusual and unexpected aspects of TBI.

From Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, or Venice, call us today.

Attorney David Goldman has a strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and those with the means should do what they can to bring justice in all areas of our society. That belief has led him to help Florida's injured from being taken advantage of by corporations and insurance companies. Since 1989 David Goldman has been fighting for the rights of Floridians both as an attorney and by personally supporting our community.

Brain Injury Lawyers Help You Ensure That You Don’t Get Overcharged In TBI Cases

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