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Common Types Of Crashes And Dangerous Intersections In Sarasota County

A car crash can happend anywhere on or near the roads in Sarasota County. However, intersections are where the majority of accidents happen and they are also the most dangerous places on Florida roads. Some types of auto accidents are more common than others, and being aware of what kinds of auto accidents happen at our local intersections may help you drive a little more safely.

Below are the most common kinds of traffic accidents according to data provided by Sarasota County


 Crashes – 41% Of Accidents In Sarasota

Rear-end impacts are the most common kind of intersection crashes in Sarasota County. According to the 2020 Sarasota County Crash Summary Report, 41 percent of these incidents were rear-end collisions that year. How could such an event arise? A driver could be sitting at a stop sign, waiting for the intersection to clear. 

However, before they can proceed, a vehicle slams into their rear end. And as it would turn out, the driver of that car had actually been texting at the time, didn’t see anything, and never hit the brakes, so it wasn’t a little love tap.

Right-Angle Crashes

 – 25% Of Accidents In Sarasota

When vehicles arrive at perpendicular roadways, that is when right-angle crashes happen. There are two primary types of these incidents. One is when entering traffic stops, and the other is when entering traffic disregards stop signs or traffic signals. The report shows that these types of collisions occurred 25 percent of the time at Sarasota County intersections in 2020.

Left Turn

 Crashes – 13% Of Accidents In Sarasota

Accidents happen when making left turns at intersections for various reasons. For example, a person might have an obstructed view and turn right out in front of someone. Or, a driver could misjudge a car’s speed, attempt to turn left, and get T-boned in the middle of the intersection. The list can go on and on, but the point is that left turn accidents occur quite often. In fact, the report states they happened 13 percent of the time here in 2020.

Other is also listed on the diagram at 12 percent. Hence, it appears that it wasn’t always clear what caused intersection crashes. Meanwhile, the rest of the 2020 intersection collision stats from the report are:

The Other Common Crash Types At Sarasota Make Up 11% Of All Crashes

  • Sideswipe – 7%
  • Right Turn – 2%
  • Head On – 2%

Are Some Intersections More Dangerous Than Others?

Regardless of where you’re at, some intersections are going to be more dangerous than others. And that notion rings true in Sarasota County too. Did you know that there were 67 crashes at the intersection of Bee Ridge Rd and Beneva Rd in 2020? It’s true. As for the intersection of Clark Rd and Beneva Rd, that one accounted for 50 accidents the same year.

Have you ever been to the Fruitville Rd and Cattlemen Rd intersection? If so, be careful. In 2020, it was a dangerous spot to be with 51 crashes. You don’t have to avoid intersections, but always be mindful of your surroundings when you pull up to one. With any luck, that will prevent you from getting seriously hurt in an event.

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Common Types Of Crashes And Dangerous Intersections In Sarasota County

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