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Critical Reasons: Identifying The Most Common Causes Of Traffic Accidents

When a crash happens in growing areas like Sarasota, it is easy to point a finger and dismiss it as reckless driving, drunk driving, or inexperienced driving, among countless other common reasons that we’ve come to be familiar with on the news. The truth is that this merely scratches the surface of what really caused the accident. The events that lead to a crash or a hit-and-run are often more complex than people initially think.

As unfortunate as it is that Florida’s population is no stranger to daily reports of vehicular crashes, it is still crucial to know the critical reasons for an auto accident to make efforts in preventing them from happening to you.

A study by the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identified critical factors that lead to an auto accident.

Reason For CrashNumber Of Accidents% Of All Crashes
Driver Errors2,046,00094%
Vehicle Problems44,0002%
Environmental Issues52,0002%

Percentages are based on unrounded estimated frequencies (Data Source: NMVCCS 2005–2007)

Driver-Related Critical Reasons For Crashes

A large percentage of accidents are traced back to the driver’s actions and decisions, leading to the accident. To be exact, 94% of the recorded accidents studies by NASS (National Automotive Sampling System) point to drivers as the critical reason behind them. This is further divided and classified into factors that affected the driver’s actions:

• Recognition Error – poor surveillance, distractions, inattention
• Decision Error – Miscalculations on turns, speed, distances, and brakes, the wrong judgment of another driver’s actions
• Performance Error – Inexperience, poor vehicle control, overcompensation
• Non-performance Error – sleep, other passive activities

Vehicle-Related Critical Reasons For Crashes

Faults in vehicle parts come second in the critical reasons behind vehicular crashes. This points to a vehicle’s tires, engine, machine, window, brakes, steering wheel, lights, and other malfunctioning or poor-quality parts of a vehicle. With that said, it is highly important to conduct regular maintenance and inspection of your cars or other vehicles before confidently driving around the city.

Environment-Related Critical Reasons For Crashes

Florida may be regarded by many as the city of sunshine but it does not exempt from hazardous influences from the environment like sudden weather changes, heavy rains, potholes, uneven roads, unclear or lacking road signages, broken stop lights, and debris in the roadway and many others. These factors are identified as critical reasons for vehicular accidents.

Most Common Reason Behind Sarasota Car Accidents

The most recent data shows that the majority of the vehicular crashes in Sarasota are caused by reckless or careless driving. A good number also points to driving under the influence of alcohol. Others are attributed to decision errors like accidental tailgating, frequent lane switching, improper reverse driving, and beating the red light.

How To Drive Safely Around The City

Having specific knowledge of the critical reasons behind accidents should help you practice safe and rule-abiding driving, avoid making rash decisions and avoid other vehicles that you may see exhibiting the signs of reckless driving. Discipline and practice can help you overcome performance errors that may lead to a crash, while car maintenance and weather updates can help you avoid circumstances beyond your control.

Besides prevention, it also encourages preparation for the worst things that can happen on the road. Nevertheless, whatever misfortune greets you on the road, your Sarasota car accident and personal injury lawyers will be there by your side in no time.

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Critical Reasons: Identifying The Most Common Causes Of Traffic Accidents

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