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Drivers Watch Out: Dangerous Intersections In The Bradenton and Sarasota Area

Many drivers in the Sarasota and Bradenton area should be more aware and vigilant when traveling through dangerous intersections in the area due to the potential for a serious accident to occur. When drivers in the area are actively driving safely it helps to lower the occurrence of a serious collision.

Many studies have been done on intersection safety because intersections in Florida are common locations for car accidents to occur.

While red light running is one of the main causes of fatal intersection accidents it has been found that other signal violations contribute to personal injury accidents which include:

• Failure to bring the car to a complete stop before making a right-hand turn at a red light.
• Failure to obey traffic signals
• Failure to yield the right of way to approaching traffic
• Failing to stop at a stop sign or a red light
• Ignoring yield signs

Any of these violations can contribute to a serious car accident. Drivers need to pay close attention to traffic signals when approaching an intersection. This is especially true for Bradenton and Sarasota drivers. The following intersections have been shown to be more dangerous than any others in this area. Drivers should be more alert and cautious when crossing these intersections.

S.R. 64 East and 48th Street Court East:

A heavily trafficked area with large trucks heading to the interstate creates a roadway that is dangerous to drivers in the area.

U.S. 41 and Cortez Road:

A dangerous intersection with four lanes of fast-moving cars and trucks as well as pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles all trying to share the roadway. This makes this area especially dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians.

U. S. 41 and 53rd. Avenue West, Bradenton:

With high amounts of traffic crossing this area on a daily basis each day and businesses attracting huge amounts of customers, this area has an increase in frequent stopping which can lead to an accident occurring.

University Parkway and I-75:

As expansion has occurred the area which has created more traffic and congestion nearby that has led to more accidents occurring.

U. S. 41 and Fruitville Road, Sarasota:

Due to heavy flooding in the area, this intersection is especially dangerous. Drivers use this intersection to connect with Lido Key to the interstate and this creates a heavily trafficked roadway.

Cortez Road Bridge, Bradenton:

This bridge needs to be upgraded and cannot handle current traffic demands. Delays occur here frequently and are experienced by motorists who travel to Anna Maria Island.

What Increases The Danger Of Certain Intersections In Bradenton?

There are many reasons that intersections in certain areas are more dangerous. Here are some risks that increase the incidence of an accident occurring at an intersection in Bradenton, Florida.

When a driver is unfamiliar with a particular intersection it can increase the risk of an accident happening at an intersection. The driver may also not be aware of which direction to turn or certain aspects that are particular to that certain intersection.

When drivers fail to see other drivers at an intersection which can include: failing to see them turn, missing a signal, using an illegal maneuver, not paying attention to the traffic around them and more.

• Distracted drivers who are looking eleswhere and not paying attention to the road, eating, or talking on a cell phone etcetera.

• Aggressively driving or speeding through an intersection.

• Making a left-hand turn at an intersection can create an accident. Many accidents occur from drivers making left-hand turns and oncoming traffic colliding with them.

Bad weather conditions can increase the occurrence of a car accident which include: thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, and heavy winds can increase the incidence of a car accident occurring at an intersection. Many wrecks have happened due to drivers maneuvering through the elements and not being able to reduce speeds appropriately or brake soon enough.

When signage at an intersection is poor or not marked well this can lead to confusion for drivers. This may cause a driver to make last-minute changes, or quick turnes, or catch them off guard and lead to an accident.

When traffic signs are new or have been updated at an intersection it may cause an accident to occur. Adding a new stop sign or other types of signage can be missed by drivers who are used to traveling through intersections without adhering to markings. For drivers who are new to an area they may not notice the signage or follow the guidelines. This can lead to an accident at an intersection.

Ways To Avoid An Accident Intersections In Manatee County

• Increase Driving Focus And Awareness When Approaching An Intersection
• Maneuver Into The Outter Lane In Time To Prepare For Approaching Intersection Changes
• Remain Alert To Other Drivers And Their Movements Taking The Right Of Way Into Consideration
• Pay Attention And Remain Alert At All Times

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Drivers Watch Out: Dangerous Intersections In The Bradenton and Sarasota Area

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