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Dealing With Road Rage In Sarasota

A huge percentage of many auto accidents in the area is caused by road rage. There are many reasons that can lead to this incident, as well as many actions that can be considered. As a frequent user of Sarasota’s roads, you might have already encountered or even experienced this yourself a few times. Stay safe by knowing the signs of road rage, its causes, and how to deal with the aftermath.

Actions Considered As Road Rage

Drivers do not have to scream, hit things, or physically attack another vehicle before it can be counted as road rage. While these behaviors surely count as one, here are other actions that can be also considered aggressive driving when two or more are done simultaneously.

Speeding Excessively Going over the speed limit is already a traffic violation on its own, but combining it with other offenses and aggressive actions would alarmingly turn it into a sign of aggressive driving. Speeding can lead to racing with other drivers on the road or even tailgating them.

Tailgating When drivers put their vehicles dangerously close behind another car, this is called tailgating. Many would often resort to this action as a threat to other drivers. By doing this, they can scare off the other vehicle as being followed already has malicious connotations. Tailgating can also be a threat to bump and hit the other vehicle.

Swerving Repeatedly Changing or switching lanes repeatedly can be attributed to road rage as it is often a result of impatience and a by-product of speeding and racing other cars. This is very dangerous not only to other vehicles on the road but also to pedestrians and others who might be caught in reckless and unpredictable behavior.

Flashing Lights And Honking These actions can be used to attract the attention of other drivers, but when done aggressively, these can be questionable and suspicious. Flashing lights can be very distracting, blinding, and can give other drivers mixed signals that can cause them to respond poorly. Honking without a good reason is rude and can be threatening to others.

What Can Cause Road Rage?

Rush Hour Being stuck in traffic for a long period of time is hell for many drivers, especially when they are in a rush to get somewhere. As a result, their worn-out patience can make them more emotional and the slightest mishap or misunderstanding can trigger their anger. Angry drivers can easily get into an argument, which can lead to accidents or actions that can harm each other physically.

Cutting Other Drivers Swerving, lane changes without signals or warnings, and other similar actions that cut other motorists on the road while driving is not only dangerous but can also quickly anger another. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for road rage cases as cutting others leads to speeding, tailgating, and other aggressive driving behaviors in an attempt to get back at the other driver.

Dealing With Road Rage

It can be hard to calm yourself down when someone else acts aggressively toward you. However, if you can be the bigger person and yield, it will put you away from harm’s way until law enforcement arrives to mediate and resolve any issues.

Getting hurt or being involved in an accident is also always a possibility when dealing with road rage. Quickly get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to help you get your rightful compensation or settlement.

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Dealing With Road Rage In Sarasota

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