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Defensive Driving Helps Florida Motorcyclists Have A Safer Environment On The Road

While motorcyclist awareness month might fall in May, it’s important that motorists remain aware of motorcycles on the road throughout all of the months of the year. Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries, and as of June 2021 Florida had the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities of anywhere in the United States. Motorcycle accident fatalities make up around 20% of all traffic-related fatalities in Florida.

Many motorcycle accidents in Florida are the result of negligent drivers of vehicles throughout the state, including in the Southwest Florida region. There are a number of things that motorists on Southwest Florida roadways can do to create a safer environment for the motorcyclists they share driving space with:

Keep distractions in the glove compartment Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents across the United States today, including accidents involving motorcyclists. Keeping smartphones and other devices safely locked away in the glove compartment stops drivers from being tempted to text, call, check e-mail, or interact with their devices in any way. Without distraction, drivers can be more aware of motorcyclists and other motorists on the road.

Encourage passengers to announce when motorcyclists are nearby Due to the smaller size of motorcycles they can get into a driver’s blind spots easily. Asking passengers to point out when a motorcycle is nearby can help drivers to stay aware and in the know when motorcyclists are in the vicinity of their vehicle. For motorists driving with children, this is a job that can be particularly enjoyable.

Give extra room and extra time Car drivers are most used to seeing other cars on the road, so they come to accurately judge speed and distance when looking at a vehicle. Judging speed and distance for a motorcyclist can be a little trickier, so motorists should always exercise caution by giving extra space and extra time to motorcyclists around them in traffic.

Slow down as you go through intersections One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Southwest Florida is drivers failing to notice motorcyclists while in intersections. Unfortunately, this exact scenario can lead to some of the most devastating motorcycle accidents. Slow down when approaching and going through an intersection and make sure to take notice of every other driver (or rider) within the vicinity.

Keep the volume down While a breezy and blue day in Southwest Florida might tempt a driver to crank the music all the way up, this can create a dangerous situation for motorcyclists. Often, a driver can hear a motorcycle before they can see it, naturally letting them know that there is a motorcyclist in traffic nearby. Music should be kept at a low level to ensure the driver can hear what is going on around them while on the road.

Take care during inclement weather Southwest Florida can see storms rolling through quickly and with little warning. While getting caught out in a storm isn’t usually a big deal for car drivers, this can be extremely dangerous if on a motorcycle. In wet weather conditions, motorcyclists may have a more difficult time seeing the road ahead of them and they might have trouble navigating turns safely without slipping. Drivers should give plenty of space, time, and attention to motorcyclists they see caught out in rainy weather conditions.

At our team is here for those who do find themselves in a motorcycle accident in Southwest Florida. With our representation, we can help those who have been injured in these accidents to get the compensation they deserve.

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Defensive Driving Helps Florida Motorcyclists Have A Safer Environment On The Road

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