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Did You Hear? Subaru Is Recalling Some 2019 Crosstreks

When people think about auto accidents, images of twisted metal, shattered glass, and even fire likely pop into their mind. There is a good reason for these thoughts to creep in, which is that crashes are extremely dangerous. They leave drivers, passengers, and sometimes pedestrians, with broken and fractured bones, neck injuries such as whiplash, burns, lacerations, and more. Therefore, it is best to avoid collisions whenever possible, but on some occasions, there is no way around them.

Many times, the accidents do more than merely leave participants with wounds though. Unfortunately, these incidents also often cost people their lives. According to one report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 32,000 individuals are killed across the U.S. in motor vehicle crashes per year. There are some things people can do to stay a little safer while they are traveling. For example, persons can wear their seat belts, make sure kiddos are buckled up correctly, and purchase cars, trucks, or SUVs with airbags.

It is also a good idea not to get behind the wheel after having a few alcoholic beverages or doing illicit drugs. Impaired driving can lead to an accident in the blink of an eye. Additionally, folks will want to stay off of their cell phones while driving around. Letting yourself get distracted by a text message or social media notification is a big no-no. Operators, those in Florida, as well as those in different states, should obey speed limit signs too. After all, they are posted to keep you and your family safe. Still, even with all of these safety devices and measures, one or more people can get injured or die should a crash happen to occur.

Now, Onto What You Came For, The Consumer Alert

Subaru of America, Inc. is expected to begin recalling approximately 256 Crosstrek vehicles from 2019 on July 19, 2019. These autos do not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 205, Glazing Materials. Only the driver’s side rear door window glass is in question. It may not have been appropriately tempered during the manufacturing process. What does that mean exactly? Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website states that improperly tempered glass can shatter into large pieces. Concerned Subaru owners should contact the company’s customer service department at 1-844-373-6614 and mention the recall number of WUG-92 to obtain more information.

As such, if the incident happens, people inside the car, as well as anyone nearby, might get deep cuts or puncture wounds. It is even possible for a piece to hit an organ, which can lead to internal bleeding. Of course, busted glass and eyeballs are not a good combination either. If a section hits a person in the eye, not only will it be excruciatingly painful, but it may also cause them to go blind. Any number of things arise when glass shatters, so be careful if you are the owner of a new Crosstrek.

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Did You Hear? Subaru Is Recalling Some 2019 Crosstreks

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