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Don’t Let The Insurance Companies Lie: Whiplash Is A Serious Injury

You have just been in an auto accident and you are experiencing the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your neck, head, and shoulders. You may have Whiplash. Whiplash has a reputation for being a fake injury, but in fact it is one of the most serious injuries you can get from a car accident. Even those who experience the mildest version of whiplash will still experience chronic pain and neck stiffness. Here are some symptoms of whiplash:

● Pain and stiffness of the neck: This is not always apparent at the time of the accident.

● Headaches that start at the base of the skull: The tendons and muscles that are affected take time to heal and can create strong headaches during the healing

● Dizziness: Whiplash can cause a faulty connection between the spine and brain, resulting in dizziness.

● Decreased range of motion in the neck: This is due to the tendons and muscles injured in the accident.

● Numb or tingling arms: This is a result of injury to the spine where it connects to the part where it connects to the skull.

● Blurred vision: This is caused by the trauma of the brain during the crash.

There are also some emotional side effects such as irritability, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Can I Make an Injury Claim?

While whiplash injuries are fairly common, it is often considered a “fake injury”. This serious injury is not often taken seriously by insurance adjusters.

Therefore, it is imperative you seek medical attention. Often whiplash is not evident right away, however, a competent physician will when you make them aware of the facts of the accident will look for signs of whiplash. Under no circumstances should you state how you feel at the scene of the accident. Let the medical specialists speak for you. Once your physician determines you have a valid case of whiplash it is important you take the following steps:

● Obtain the services of an attorney right away: Since whiplash cases are often not taken as seriously as other more obvious injuries, it is imperative you seek the services of an attorney who can help you negotiate the ins and outs of filing a claim.

● Document your expenses: Make sure all medical bills, chiropractic bills and prescriptions you have are given to your attorney to assist him in his filing.

● File a claim as soon as possible: The sooner you file, the sooner you can settle so your expenses can be reimbursed.

● Your attorney may need to file a lawsuit: The at fault driver’s insurance adjustor may attempt to present your case as a “fake claim” instead of a legitimate soft tissue injury.

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Since whiplash claims do take time and the at fault driver’s insurance company can be ruthless, there are things you must absolutely do to assist your attorney to make sure you will not be denied your claim.

● See your physician and other medical providers such as chiropractors as scheduled. Follow up as directed, comply with any restricted activities recommended.

● Take and document all medication provided and keep receipts.

● Do not discuss your injuries on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Insurance adjusters will go through your posts thoroughly to see if you post any photos with any physical activity that they feel you could not do if you had whiplash to avoid paying compensation.

These are just a few of the items that affect your claim. Whiplash is serious and it can be a lifetime injury. It is important you obtain an attorney and get the compensation you need to cover your injuries.

At Justice Pays, our attorneys will work for you! We have over a century of combined experience to help whiplash injury victims get the medical care they need to get back on their feet. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and we’ll help make sure that you are treated for your serious injuries.

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Don’t Let The Insurance Companies Lie: Whiplash Is A Serious Injury

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