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Driving Safe in Sun Glare

Driving in the sunlight is an (almost) daily gift us Floridians get to bask in – so let’s do it safely!

Right after sunrise, and right before sunset, the sun often shines directly into drivers’ eyes, so you end up driving with a strong glare. This glare makes it difficult to see the road ahead which is risky to you and others on the road.

So here are our Top 10 Tips on Driving Safely in Sun Glare:

1. Slow down! Drive a bit slower when glare is in your eyes, and pull over if it is really bad.
2. Polarized Sunglasses. They can make you look cooler, it’s an excuse to shop, and they will reduce glare.
3. Don’t Drive When Glare is at Its Worst. Leave early, stay late – an easier trip is surely worth it.
4. Use The Sun Visor. It’s there for a reason – it can help to block out the sun.
5. Leave More Room. Allow for more distance between you and other cars.
6. Put Your Headlights On. This increases your visibility to other drivers.
7. Clean the Windshield. Keep the inside and outside of the windshield clean.
8. Replace a Cracked Windshield. This is a no-brainer. A break in your windshield is just another dangerous distraction that is going to make seeing even more difficult, especially with added glare.
9. Add Secondary Visors. You can add these to your sun visor; mini-visors are available at auto supply stores and adjustable ones can fill the gap not covered by your main visor.
10. Clean Your Dashboard! Sunlight can reflect off the clutter on your dashboard. Anything with a shiny surface, even papers, can make it harder to see clearly. So here’s just another reason to tidy up.

We all want to avoid driving accidents at all costs – and these are pretty simple ways to do it. Since driving conditions are rarely perfect, we have to make as many adjustments as possible to improve the quality on our end.

If tricky visibility is the price we pay to live in sunny Florida, most of us will take it. Safe travels!

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Driving Safe in Sun Glare

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