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Each New Day Seems To Bring An Air Bag Recall Along With It, Which Could Lead To You Needing An Attorney

As little as ten years ago, many individuals probably could not tell you what propellant degradation was, but they are common terms now. The flurry of air bag inflator recalls ensured that these words have etched out their place in history and daily communications. The vast number of affected units still on the road is stifling, considering the potentially fatal consequences associated with them. The Takata corporation has received much of the attention, but this post is to prevent injuries from occurring to Nissan drivers.

A Potential 515,394 Affected Units

Nissan is expected to begin sending out notifications starting in September to owners of certain 2007-2011 Versa Sedan and 2007-2012 Versa Hatchback vehicles. Remedy parts are currently not available, but a second letter will notify owners of when, the repair, can be completed. The cars have air bag inflators that may rupture, due to propellant degradation. Just in case you have not heard why this unfortunate event happens, it is because of the canisters becoming exposed to long-term extreme temperatures, humidity, and the constant cycling between the hot and cold temps.

Dealers will replace the affected inflators, as soon as a suitable replacement from another manufacturer becomes available. The work will be completed free of charge to consumers, but you need to remain aware of the dangers posed to your safety until it is complete. If the part ruptures, metal fragments can become flying projectiles, which might strike drivers and passengers, resulting in severe injuries to the face, or other areas of the body. Lacerations are possible, as well as, loss of life and these risks posed to you should be considered thoroughly before the vehicle gets driven, without the new pieces in place.

Owners may call Nissan’s customer service department at 1-800-647-7261 to inquire about the problem, or seek more info from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236. Recent reports indicate that another life was claimed, by a ruptured air bag canister, so the issue is severe enough to warrant the frequent exposure by media outlets everywhere. Although the incident was not in a Nissan, the underlying problem deserves the attention so that drivers can make an informed decision about whether driving their vehicle is worth the risks posed to their well-being.

Compensation For Injuries

Becoming injured from a faulty part may entitle you to compensation for those injuries, which can help pay for medical bills and everyday necessities. Many of us live from paycheck to paycheck and losing hours from work, due to an injury, can have a devastating impact on one’s livelihood. The Takata organization recently filed for bankruptcy, which means less money for the victims of these crashes. It may be only a matter of time before these issues begin to affect other manufacturers in the industry, so it might be beneficial to your claim, to contact our office quickly to get your case started. Don’t get left holding the bag for the negligent act of another, put our winning team in your corner, and let us handle the heavy legal lifting. In the meantime, you can worry about the more important things at hand, living life, recovering, and spending time with your family.

Stephen M. Fernandez developed a strong belief in justice and fairness in public policy while earning his Political Science degree prior to attending law school. Since joining the Florida Bar Association in 2004, Stephen Fernandez has combined his background in public policy, business administration and civil law to serve as a highly effective trial lawyer fighting for Florida's injured, working hard every day to make sure his clients get what they are owed.

Each New Day Seems To Bring An Air Bag Recall Along With It, Which Could Lead To You Needing An Attorney

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