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Even During The Pandemic, People Are Losing Their Lives In Car Crashes Around Florida

As everyone knows by now, the COVID-19 crisis is in full swing. People across the world, including folks right here in the United States, are contracting the virus. It has taken countries by storm due to the deaths that it causes. Many areas have initiated stay-at-home orders to control the spread of the disease. However, a lot of workers have essential jobs, and they have to go out and about to do them. For instance, FedEx, UPS, and USPS drivers continue pushing forward to deliver packages to people.

Additionally, grocery stores have to remain open so that people can get food and beverages to survive during the pandemic. Of course, there are other reasons to be out in public too. For example, you may need to drive somewhere to receive medical treatment. Meanwhile, various states are looking to reopen soon—only time will tell if that is a good idea or a bad one. Social distancing guidelines may prevent the numbers of COVID-19 cases from spiking, but it is expected that more citizens will fall ill.

COVID-19-related deaths are at 42,946 in the United States as of April 20, 2020. However, other emergency situations like car crashes are occurring and taking peoples’ lives as well; they just aren’t getting as much attention with everything that is going on. Take a look at some of the recent headlines in Florida:

• The Daytona Beach News-Journal – Four Killed In Two-Car Crash On S.R. 100 Near Bunnell
• Patch – Palm Harbor Woman Killed In Single-Car Crash
• The Daytona Beach News-Journal – DeLand Woman Killed In Early Saturday Crash, FHP Says

Unfortunately, Death Is Often A Recurring Theme With Auto Accidents

Sure, new vehicles are outfitted with safety equipment, but deadly accidents can still occur while driving them. According to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Sunshine State accounted for 2,917 fatal crashes in 2018. Those events led to 3,135 fatalities. Human bodies are not built to withstand violent collisions. While some people walk away from auto accidents with treatable injuries, this article will focus on wrongful death.

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Family Members Recover Compensation

It can feel wrong to gain financially from the loss of a loved one, so much so that many people choose not to file lawsuits even when the need arises. Persons shouldn’t think about the situation in such a manner, though. A wrongful death case is not about getting rich. Rather, it offers a way for family members to cover the deceased party’s final expenses. Plus, if the individual was responsible for half or all of the family’s income, the claim can help their surviving relatives recover financially.

If a person is taken before their time, the responsible party should expect to spend somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000 on the person’s funeral. Not to mention, if the deceased received medical treatment ahead of their unfortunate passing, those bills often find their way into the mailboxes of family members. With examples such as these, it is easy to see why filing a wrongful death claim is necessary, at least from a financial standpoint.

Florida residents who believe legal action is in their best interest should not hesitate to give our firm a call. We offer free case reviews, and interested parties are under no obligation to use our services. Every car crash claim is unique, so it must be treated as such. If you have lost a loved one in an auto accident because of someone’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Daniel Murphy's passionate belief in upholding the Florida justice system by defending the rights of the public against corporate interests, has lead him to become one of Florida's most effective young attorneys. Daniel Murphy carries his enthusiasm for fighting for the rights of the injured outside the courtroom by staying involved in legal and community organizations.

Even During The Pandemic, People Are Losing Their Lives In Car Crashes Around Florida

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