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Factors That Affect Car Insurance Claims And Rates

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Medical bills can rack up after a car accident. Therefore, it is important that you are sufficiently covered by your insurance. However, car insurance can be complicated, and you can end up with a lower settlement and higher rates if you are not careful.

Today, we will discuss the factors affecting your insurance settlement value and your insurance rates after an accident. We will also provide information on what you can do to help your case.

Proof That You Are Not At Fault

Your insurance provider may reduce your claim value if they determine that you have contributed to the car accident. Even when you are not the one at fault, you may still be determined to have contributory negligence that led to the incident. An example of this would be if your brake lights were not working properly, resulting in a rear-end collision.

You can submit the following documents proving that you did nothing to trigger the accident:

• A copy of the police report on the car accident indicating that you are not at fault
• A copy of the traffic surveillance video that clearly shows the accident was caused by the other driver
• Statements from eyewitnesses who can attest that the other driver was at fault
• Your doctor’s prognosis on any future treatments you will need
• Your statement about the car crash and how it has affected your health (you can also include family members’ statements on how the accident has negatively impacted your home life and relationships)

Gathering those pieces of evidence may be easier said than done. It may be best to hire legal counsel to help you collect and present all of the supporting documents. In this way, you can avoid any additional stress and focus on your recovery. An experienced lawyer can also advise you on the legal implications of your statements and help you avoid mistakes that could impact your claim.

Severity Of Your Injuries

Insurance providers tend to award higher compensation for major injuries that can permanently impair a person’s day-to-day functioning. Those include spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis.

Your insurance company will also take a look at what medical treatments you received and how long you were treated for. If you require outpatient therapy, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations for which therapists to get medical care from. Insurance providers may not look favorably on claims where the patient sought treatment from their own therapists.

Your Driving History

Insurance providers tend to favor drivers with clean records. If you have not had any accidents or traffic violations for a long time, there is a good chance that your provider will not raise your insurance premium if you get into a minor accident.

Accident Forgiveness In Your Policy

Some insurance policies may include accident forgiveness coverage. Accident forgiveness means that your provider will not raise your premium after you cause an accident.

However, forgiveness usually applies to only one accident per policy. The accident will also stay in your permanent record even if you are forgiven by your current provider.

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Factors That Affect Car Insurance Claims And Rates

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