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File A Florida Auto Accident Report And Personal Injury Claim ASA

Filing for a report and claim after an auto accident in Florida is a process that would need time and effort. This is why some people would decide to do these tasks at a later date rather than doing it immediately, especially when the concerned parties are injured and need time for recovery.

Under Florida law, you are given four years to file a lawsuit since the day of the accident. When it comes to insurance claims, there are no state laws and policies that are imposing a deadline until when you can claim them. Given this information, you would think that you do have plenty of time to file and process your lawsuit and claims, however, waiting for weeks, months, or even years before doing so is not advisable. Here are three reasons why:

  • You Might Lose Valuable Evidence And Information When you file a report and lawsuit as soon as you can after a car accident, the police and other authorities who can help with the investigation can quickly gather fresh evidence that will help your case greatly. Delaying your report and investigation, on the other hand, might cause you to lose some crucial details that can help you win your case.

For instance, CCTV footage (Closed-circuit television) of the accident is one the strongest pieces of evidence you can present to the court. However, old CCTV footage is rewritten or deleted after a given period. When this happens before you can acquire it, then there are no other ways to retrieve it.

  • You Are Losing The Sense Of Urgency Fresh cases are given more attention rather than old ones. This is true not only during the investigation but as well as court proceedings and processes. Filing a lawsuit too late might even cause the court to overlook your case and this will result in further delay. Some of your evidence may also not be as compelling or can even be seen as doubtful compared to when the case was still new and fresh.
  • Insurance Companies Have Their Own Deadline Florida law may not have imposed a deadline for claiming insurance but most, if not all insurance companies have set a deadline of their own. Whether or not you are aware of this, foregoing to file an insurance claim almost immediately following your car accident might make you miss your deadline. When this happens, the insurance company will no longer accommodate or acknowledge your claims.

Asking for an extension is possible but it does not guarantee anything. Such requests might also leave a bad impression on your record or might limit the benefits you can claim from your coverage.

After an auto accident in Sarasota, Bradenton or Southwest Florida, the best course of action to take is to file for a report and insurance claim as soon as you are well enough to perform these tasks. It is also ideal to get an effective car accident lawyer that can help you along the way, especially if you think it would be challenging for you to go through all these processes.

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File A Florida Auto Accident Report And Personal Injury Claim ASA

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