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Bad Roads In Florida Can Cause Serious Crash Injuries

Did you know that an estimated 2.3 million people are injured in car accidents each year? In addition to this, more than 30,000 people lose their lives. This information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most of these accidents were caused by dangerous road conditions.

What Are Considered Dangerous Road Conditions in Florida?

Many hazards can result in unsafe road conditions. Here are just a few examples.


Potholes and other uneven surfaces may seem harmless and something you can avoid when paying attention, but this isn’t always the case. Even a small pothole or loose gravel on the road can cause extensive damage to a vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle. It can cause you to swerve out of control, which is why these kinds of road hazards need to be fixed immediately.

Poor Design

Poor road designs can also result in accidents. These can include merging lanes that are too short, shoulder drop-offs, and dips. All of these can create unsafe road conditions for drivers. Another issue is not posting proper signage for these dangers, which can prove to be negligent behavior.

Poor Road Maintenance

When roads aren’t properly maintained, they can cause serious road hazards. Broken guardrails, traffic lights that are not working, lane markers you can no longer see, and bad signage can all create dangerous situations for drivers.

Safety Issues

Without crosswalks, visibility, or signage, the roads can become especially dangerous for pedestrians and bike riders. Bad construction is another safety issue that may cause hazardous road conditions. For example, if road plans are not followed, and the wrong materials are used, it can lead to a much higher concentration of accidents and road damage on the roadway.

Can You Sue for Dangerous Road Conditions in Florida?

Under the Federal Tort Claims Act, if you are injured because of unsafe or dangerous roads in Florida, you can sue for neglect and be reimbursed for damages. It is ultimately the government’s responsibility to maintain safe roadways. If they cut budgets or do not follow through with road work, road accident injuries increase along with claims.

How to Prove Fault

Proving fault in a dangerous road case can be complex and hard. The burden of proof rests on the plaintiff to show that the government entity or contractor acted negligently and resulted in hazardous road conditions. You must also prove that they knew about the unsafe conditions but did nothing to fix them or waited an unreasonable amount of time.

Even if a driver is to blame for the accident, dangerous road conditions may still prove to be a factor in the case. For this reason, you want an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida who is more than familiar with these cases. They can investigate who is responsible and help determine how much compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries and damages.

Finding an Attorney

When it comes to finding an attorney after your accident, you want to ask a few questions. For example, how much experience do they have with your particular injuries and accident type? What percentage of their practice is dedicated to Sarasota car accident cases? And what is the average settlement amount for cases similar to yours?

If they have the knowledge and experience needed for this type of case, hiring a personal injury attorney can prove more than advantageous. They will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation for all injuries and damages that result from dangerous road conditions.

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Bad Roads In Florida Can Cause Serious Crash Injuries

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