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First 3 Things You Need To Do After Experiencing A Car Crash

Car crashes are not an uncommon occurrence in the United States and can be both costly and fatal in some cases. In fact, statistics show that roughly 37,000 people die in car crashes every year, with the average “cost” of a crash coming out to around $820 per person. Now, while there’s only so many things you can do to avoid having to be in a car crash, but sometimes, not even all the luck and preparation in the world can save you from being embroiled in one. And so, in the unfortunate case that you are involved in a car crash, here are the things that you absolutely need to make sure you do right after, or as soon as you are able to, following a car crash.

Call The Police

If you are able to, call the police as soon as you get into an accident. Whether or not the accident injured any one, a police officer must be present in order to accurately record and report the incident. If you’re not hurt, stay on the scene and make sure the other driver involved stays put as well. Calling the police isn’t meant to cause any friction or aggression toward either parties, so make sure to stay calm and do not cause any more trouble than there already is. Any aggression on your side can and may be used against you by the other driver.

Until the authorities arrive, exchange information with the other involved driver and take photos of the incident to make sure you have your own evidence available to you for the authorities, your lawyers, and your doctors. If you must be rushed to the hospital before all this happens, make sure someone else, whether they’re family or not, is present to take care of this for you.

Get Yourself Checked By A Doctor

Whether it’s a small scratch, a bruised forehead, or nothing at all, visit your doctor or the emergency room to get yourself checked for any forms of trauma or physical injury. Do not underestimate the situation simply because you don’t see any marks on your body. A doctor should be able to let you know if anything’s wrong or abnormal with your body after the incident, and give you proper documentation of your physical state that you can present to the authorities and your lawyers.

Get Yourself A Reliable Auto Accident Lawyer

Whether or not it was your fault, it’s crucial to lawyer up to make sure the next steps either party will make will be fair and righteous. Your attorney will be able to protect your rights in the situation, protect the evidence any of the parties may have, guide you throughout any legal processes that will take place, and make sure you’re properly compensated if you are owed any. Your lawyer will also be able to provide you with official statements you may have to present to insurance investigators and the like.

No one’s ever fully ready to experience a car crash, but it helps to be knowledgeable and prepared in case the expected happens. To make sure you’re protected and properly compensated, hiring an auto accident lawyer would be your next best move.

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First 3 Things You Need To Do After Experiencing A Car Crash

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