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Four People Injured After Crash On US 41 In North Port

SARASOTA COUNTY – Florida Highway Patrol Reported four people were injured in a 3-vehicle crash on US 41 in North Port Friday morning.

The accident happened as a 68-year-old woman from North Port was driving a car eastbound on US 41 approaching the intersection with Oritz Boulevard, with a 103-year-old female passenger.

As the North Port woman approached the intersection with Oritz Boulevard from the west, a 27-year-old man from North Port was driving a sedan driving westbound on US 41 approaching Oritz Boulevard from the east.

A third sedan was stopped on Oritz Blvd., at a red stoplight facing south at the intersection with US 41 as the two vehicles approached, driven by a 66-year-old man from North Port with a 65-year-old female passenger.

At 9:20 AM the 68-year-old woman from North Port driving the sedan east on US 41 attempted to make a left turn from US 41 onto Oritz Blvd and failed to yield to the oncoming sedan with the 27-year-old man from North Port.

The front of the man’s car crashed into the front-right side of the 68-year-old woman’s car.

After the initial collision, the force of the impact rotated the man’s sedan the front of his sedan collided with the front of the car that was waiting for the red light on Oritz Boulevard.

The 68-year-old woman driving the sedan had not been wearing her seat belt during the crash and was critically injured in the accident. Despite wearing her safety belt the 103-year-old woman that was a passenger in the car also was critically injured in the crash.

Both the driver and passenger of the sedan that was waiting at the stoplight on Oritz Blvd., sustained minor injuries in the crash.

Remarkably, the 27-year-old man who was struck by the vehicle that failed to yield was not hurt in the crash.

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Four People Injured After Crash On US 41 In North Port

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