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Get Trustworthy Legal Representation After A Crash With A Commercial Truck

You are probably looking for an attorney because you or someone you know was involved in an eighteen-wheeler accident if you are reading this article. Therefore, first, we would like to offer our sympathies to you and your family. Our team understands the destruction and devastation associated with big-rig crashes, so we are sorry for whatever it is you are going through right now.

Commercial trucks are bigger than the majority of passenger vehicles on the roadways. Not to mention, when a trailer is loaded down with products, gravel, chemicals, or other types of goods, the combination of truck and trailer far outweighs cars, trucks, and SUVs. Because of their size and weight, commercial trucks leave behind massive amounts of damage in their wake when crashes occur. Vehicles and motorcycles become smashed and mangled, but really, that is the least of the problems that come up.

Tractor-trailer wrecks leave victims with significant injuries. Those vary from one situation to the next but often include the following:

• Head Trauma
• Broken Bones
• Loss Of Limbs
• Paralysis
• Burns

As if all that wasn’t enough, those events result in worst outcomes too. Many times, people lose their lives in tractor-trailer crashes. Their loved ones are left behind to mourn their loss. Family members are also usually responsible for the person’s final expenses following the incident.

You Or Your Family Might Be Owed Compensation

If a negligent tractor-trailer operator causes an accident, injured parties or surviving relatives can file lawsuits against their respective companies. Trying to take on those organizations alone can prove to be a massive mistake. For starters, they usually always have attorneys on standby. They are waiting in the wings to discredit injury claims when they arise. Most of the time, the hope is that the lawyers can prevent their clients from paying out any compensation at all.

The big wigs and their legal teams don’t care about victims. It is all about keeping money in the company’s bank account. They sometimes attempt to make it appear as though the injured party was responsible for the accident and injuries. On other occasions, they offer people low settlements just to make them go away. Of course, the figures they come up with typically don’t cover all of the losses victims incur. After all, health care costs are pretty steep today, and average funerals in North America come with high-dollar price tags too.

Don’t Allow Truck Companies To Treat You Like Nothing

A partner with decades of experience handles every case at our firm. Together, we have successfully resolved over 10,000 accident injury cases. The team has also recovered more than $500 million for accident victims and their families. We collect evidence via black box data, witness statements, cell phone records, driver histories, and more. Our firm even works with specialists in particular fields to recreate accident scenes when appropriate.

We offer free case reviews because people shouldn’t have to worry about money when they are hurt, scared, and need guidance. Additionally, clients only pay when they are awarded compensation—it doesn’t get much better than that. A percentage of the winnings is deducted from the settlement to cover legal fees and medical expenses. In other words, there are no out-of-pocket costs with our services.

So don’t delay any longer if a negligent tractor-trailer operator has you in bad shape. Friendly, trustworthy, and professional assistance is only a phone call away. We will do everything in our power to help you acquire the compensation you deserve.

Michael J. Babboni's wide-ranging legal career is based on the strong belief that everyone should be treated fairly and have access to effective legal help. Michael began putting his beliefs in action by helping the people of St. Petersburg Florida get what they are owed in civil trials fighting to protect families by making corporations pay, and honor their obligations.

Get Trustworthy Legal Representation After A Crash With A Commercial Truck

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