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Halloween Safety Tips

It is only a few weeks until its Halloween! This holiday is one that adults and children alike can get excited for from the fun costumes to the scary movie marathons. Not to mention all of those tasty Halloween candies and treats.
However, during this time of celebration, you need to be careful both on and off the road.

With Halloween being celebrated in the dark and the abundance of children walking around, this festive night is also a dangerous one. Still, with a few of these great safety tips for you to remember, you shouldn’t have to worry about your spooky night of fun turning into something truly scary.

Trick or Treat Safety for Pedestrians

The abundance of people walking around, especially when many of them are children, in the dark can quickly become a recipe of trouble.

1. Practice Basic Walking Safety Together

Even in broad daylight, you and your child should be practicing walking safety. However, with Halloween being a festive night, children and adults alike can get so wrapped up in the fun that you both neglect to do so. A holiday is not a free pass when it comes to walking safely.

As always, you should look both ways when crossing the street. Only cross the street at corners and make sure to use traffic signals and crosswalks when doing so. If possible, try to make eye contact with the driver to ensure that you are seen. Lastly, stay on the sidewalks as much as possible.

2. Adult Supervision for Children 12 and Under

If your child is 12 years old or younger, they should not be without adult supervision. Even if your child seems mature enough, you should not risk their safety. If they are 13 or older, you should encourage them to go as a group rather than alone. With a group they will be more easily seen at night and will keep strangers from trying to take advantage of them.

3. Choose Costumes Wisely

Some costumes are safer than others so you should think carefully about the costume you purchase or make for your child. Choose face paint and makeup over masks since they will obstruct your child’s ability to see clearly. Avoid costumes that could be a tripping hazard and ensure everything is sized correctly. If possible try to decorate with reflective tape or stickers or have your child carry about a glow stick or flashlight so drivers will have no trouble seeing them.

Trick or Treat Safety for Drivers

Pedestrians aren’t the only ones that need to watch out this Halloween. With all the children darting around, you will need to be extra cautious with your driving tonight.

1. Drive Slowly and Keep an Eye Out for Children

You need to be especially careful when driving in residential areas, but you should be extra caution in general tonight. Children get really excited for Halloween and may end up darting around in unpredictable ways. Not to mention that many of them will be hard to see thanks to their small size, the darkness of night, and with a costume that may be just as dark.

Take extra time at intersections, medians, and curbs to look out for children. If you need to enter or exit a driveway, parking lot or alley, do so slowly and carefully. Do not assume the child will know better.

2. Avoid Any Potential Driving Distractions

As much as you may enjoy blasting some good old rock n’ roll or want to chat with an old friend, you should not turn on or do anything that could leave you distracted. As mentioned before, children are hard to see and will be darting around tonight. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from the trick or treaters.

Additionally, if you were drinking at your own Halloween party, do not drive. Either arrange for a sober driver to pick you up or arrange to spend the night there.

Trick or Treat Safety for Pet Owners

That’s right, even pet owners need to practice some extra safety tonight. Halloween, along with Devil’s Night, has been known to encourage mean tricks towards pets and nearby animals. Even if you have had no trouble in the past with letting your beloved companion out at night, you need to keep them inside for tonight. If your dog needs to use the bathroom, make sure to go out there with them even if it’s your own front or backyard.

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Halloween Safety Tips

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