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Hotels Have A Responsibility To Ensure Safe Stays

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  • AirBnB - Residence Sharing Raises Liability Questions
  • Will Your Shared 'Hotel' Have Coverage If There Is An Accident?
  • Providers Should Check Their Insurance Coverage And Be Sure Their Housing Is Safe

If there’s one thing that Florida has a lot of, it’s hotels, motels, short-term stay houses, apartments, and even AirBnB residences to provide people with places to stay. That should come as no real surprise, since Florida is one of the premier tourist destinations in America, whether people come here for the many park attractions, or take advantage of the natural, warm climate in the winter to get away from miserable, cold weather throughout the rest of the country. When it comes to visitors, Florida needs many places to house all them.

But that also means that these hotels and other guest facilities have a legal responsibility, one that is well documented in the legal concept of premises liability. Premises liability means that any business, regardless of its focus, has a basic, legal obligation to ensure that both employees and visitors to a structure are reasonably safe from harm that may be caused by the structure itself.

It Depends On The Building

Safety in a building can mean a lot of things depending on the purpose of the building. Homeowners, for example, might need to ensure that when children are playing in a swimming pool, an adult is supervising. A shopping mall, on the other hand, might need to make sure that the escalators are in safe, working order, to prevent accidents like speeding up and throwing people off, or even falling apart, and grinding people up in the gears. For hotels, safety can mean any number of things. Stairs must be clearly marked, and lit in case they need to be used for fire evacuation. Elevators should have safety mechanisms in place to ensure the doors don’t shut on people and injure them before they’ve entered or exited.

And of course, security is important. If a guest is victimized by a member of the staff, either through theft, assault or even sexual assault, that’s a deadly serious breach of premises liability. Worse yet, if the security mechanisms on doors is inadequate, allowing guests to victimize each other, that’s also a failure on the part of the hotel.

Hold The Right People Accountable

When you book a stay at a hotel, you are exchanging your hard earned dollars for a certain minimum standard of service. Safety is a part of that business transaction. A hotel must meet its obligation to monitor the structure and employees to ensure a safe stay for the guests. If the hotel becomes aware of a problem, especially if that problem is reported by employees or even other guests, and the hotel chooses to not acknowledge or address this concern, it is negligence.

If that negligence can not only be proven in court, but can be tied directly an injury you sustained, then this is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit due to premises liability. If you have this kind of injury, with evidence showing the neglect to address the issue, you should contact a personal injury lawyer and see whether you have a slip and fall case that can go to court.

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Hotels Have A Responsibility To Ensure Safe Stays

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