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How Alcohol Degrades Your Ability To Drive A Vehicle

Drunk driving is one of the most common reasons behind the many car accidents in Florida, however many people fail to understand the real dangers of it. Some would overestimate themselves and insist on driving only to get in a car crash or hit innocent pedestrians and bikers. Without fully understanding what happens to people when they drink and drive, it is hard to fully grasp what makes DUI dangerous.

So what does alcohol do to you and how does it affect your driving?

Alcohol Slows You Down You can experience reduced alertness, slower reaction times, and slower reflexes when you are under the influence of alcohol. As you know, drivers should always be high on alert when on the road to watch out for other cars, pedestrians, warning signs, and other potential hazards that can cause accidents.

With a slower reaction time, it might be too late for you to notice people crossing the streets or the stoplight changing, and these have their regrettable consequences.

You Can Feel Drowsy And Fall Asleep Falling asleep on the wheel is among the top reasons for auto accidents, but tiredness and fatigue are not the only causes of it. Drunk drivers tend to also lose consciousness and fall asleep while driving. When you doze off, you will lose total control of your car and this will lead to accidents.

Intoxication Affects Your Vision One of the effects of alcohol on the human body is that it makes people feel dizzy, which also affects vision. People who are feeling lightheaded may not be able to see clearly or comprehend what it is they are seeing before them. Their visions can also blur and they would black out in intervals.

A clear vision is very important in driving, and alcohol temporarily takes this away from you. When you feel dizzy, it would be hard to recognize signs and other vehicles on the road. It also is one of the reasons why your reaction time has slowed down or why you are feeling sleepy too.

Alcohol Affects Decision-Making It is hard to tell what goes on in a drunk person’s mind as they are easily distracted with random memories and things that would catch their attention while in this state. This makes them unable to make rational decisions, which is an important skill when you are driving.

Drivers should always have a presence of mind and be able to think quickly, especially when confronted by unexpected events such as the need for detours, weather changes, and slight mishaps like busted tires.

People lost control of themselves when drunk, and it is not surprising that they can also lose control of their vehicle if they attempt to drive it while in their drunken state. Still, car accidents are unpredictable and can happen to anyone. Another responsible and prudent step is for you to get in touch with an auto accident lawyer who can help you with car accidents.

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How Alcohol Degrades Your Ability To Drive A Vehicle

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